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By Lucile Dukore

Innovation, Risk, Uncertainty - all words that are commonly heard when discussing Start-ups, especially in Israel and particularly at Tel Aviv University's Innovation Day.

Left, StarTAU's founder, Oren Simanian; Right, Israel Forever's Web Strategist, Lucy Dukore

The day itself showcased 43 different Start-ups all on topics ranging from food, music, to home security, medicine and biology. There were so many different Start-ups to visit and so many new technologies to check out that we, literally, found ourselves hungry for more!

StarTAU with Tel Aviv University made their Innovation Day unforgettable and, truly innovative by including not only a gala, informative and relevant speakers, but an entire expo showcasing these different Start-ups.

We were able to not only get an interview with StarTAU's founder, Oren Simanian, but several interviews with Start-ups hoping to show the world what they're all about and also show the world how inspiring and innovative Tel Aviv is as well!

Start-ups are not exclusive to Tel Aviv, but the ability for these people to reach for their dreams and create something out of nothing proves to me how amazing the Israeli culture is, and also, how innovative Israelis are in general.

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Tags: Science and Technology, Education