Celebrate Balfour Through Art

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History in Movement: Balfour Accomplished by Beverley Jane Stewart

Not everyone is a history buff, but everyone CAN connect and explore the facts, faces, and relevance to help bring history to life. Express this great moment in history in a creative and artistic way.


Here are some questions to help you get the discussion started:

  • What do you find is unique about this piece of historical artwork?
  • Why do you think the artist selected to highlight so many different aspects of the history in a single painting?
  • What part of the painting stands out the most?
  • What does the painting say to the viewer, in your opinion?
  • What other events in history do you think could be depicted in a similar artistic way? What artwork have you seen that has achieved this?

2) COMPARE collage representations between Beverley-Jane Stewart’s piece and THIS PIECE by Walter Bortolossi

3) CREATE a collage that reflects Balfour’s significance, Israel’s history, or another event in history that is meaningful to you, or an event in your personal life that has been significant in shaping your identity and your personal connection to Israel.

  • Find photos to enhance your collage creations.
  • Print, cut and paste any images onto your canvases or paper background
  • You can add a mixed media aspect to your artwork by combining paint, pastel or other 3 dimensional textures to your creations.
  • As always, we recommend using thick paper, poster/tag board, foam core board, etc. when collaging, as well as acid free paper so as to enhance the longevity of your creation.

Your finished piece will demonstrate how YOU celebrate your support for Jewish Nationalism, the State of Israel, and the stepping stones to statehood that were propelled forward with the monumental Balfour Declaration in 1917.

EDUCATORS! Let’s Get Started:

  • Read THIS short piece about the Declaration Heard Around the World or THIS on Why Balfour Matters.
  • Research/Display other great samples of history-based artwork as an inspiration for your Balfour-related piece
  • Share your completed works with us and have them showcased in our Balfour Arts Gallery!


A celebration of the Balfour Declaration invites a deeper understanding of the long history of our struggle to create a place where the Jewish people could live free in our ancient homeland.

We aim to collect 1 million signatures in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration on November 2, 2017 to be presented to world bodies, organizations, and heads of state.

Israel Forever, Balfour initiative

SIGN, SHARE AND HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Together, we can show the world that the international recognition of the Jewish connection to Israel perpetuates all over the world today.

Interested in launching the Balfour Initiative in your community? Contact us for programming ideas and free resources for you to use in making this a meaningful and successful campaign all over the world.



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Tags: Leadership, Am Yisrael, History, Balfour, Israel Engagement, Take Action, Zionism

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