Celebrating Israel on the Streets of New York

Tags: solidarity, Jewish Unity, Israel Engagement, Am Yisrael

"The question: "How do you celebrate Israel?”

New York City throws a parade up Fifth Avenue filled with the pomp and circumstance of marching bands, cheering Jewish day school children, and every Zionist group in North America.

Every year since I can remember this parade has always been marked on my family’s calendar. Lately I have been experimenting with different new media platforms, this video is my latest YouTube experiment. By sharing my experience we are opening the door to you, share your Israel experiences.

What does your community do to celebrate Israel? And how do you keep that celebration going all year round?" Eric Leiderman

Follow Eric as he travels across the Hudson River to salute Israel at the Celebrate Israel Parade in New York City. #TogetherOnFifth

Were you at a Celebrate Israel parade and want to share your pictures and story?

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Tags: solidarity, Jewish Unity, Israel Engagement, Am Yisrael