Combating Hate with Knowledge and Pride

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The Israel Forever Foundation sees the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) as a symptom of the Antisemitic discriminatory assault on the Jewish people, Jewish history, and Israel that has existed for generations.

The origins of this assault are found as far back as the Pagan era, carried on through Church-based rejection of the Jews and Jewish faith, rejection and widespread hatred of assimilated Jews during the Enlightenment, followed by political, “rational” Antisemitism which culminated into Hitler's ability to target the Jewish people in one of the darkest points of our history, the Shoah.

Today, Israel embodies the living, breathing, form of the modern Jew. The age-old hatred has reshaped itself into a legitimized social and political movement, inciting violence and vengeance around the globe, demonizing Jews and Israel and manipulating the masses to unite against the Jews and Jewish State as the enemy of humanity.

The threat against us is not relegated just to economic boycotts or conjured lies and accusations. We are witnessing constant attacks on our historic ties to The Land of Israel. UNESCO’s recent resolutions are dangerous and unprecedented attempts to erase the Jewish people’s connection to the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, and our indigenous rights to our sovereignty in our ancestral homeland

The Israel Forever Foundation is committed to fight against any assault against historical truth and the integrity of Israel as a nation, people, history, land and state. We seek to combat the impact of the waves of hate that rise time and again by fostering knowledge and a deepened sense of pride, belonging and engagement to strengthen the ties that bind us together no matter where we may be in the world.


Am Yisrael: Fostering Jewish Unity and Pride

How are you making a difference for Jewish Unity?

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Tags: BDS, Activism, Advocacy, Take Action, Antisemitism