Confused about UNESCO? What You Need To Know Top 16 Links

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by Dr. Elana Yael Heideman

Much has been written regarding UN’s Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) resolution which effectively ignores the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism where it is believed that the First and Second Temples once stood. The site is also holy to Christianity and Islam. It is the third holiest site in Islam and Mohammed is said to have visited the city once in a dream.

A legislation that initially passed in a first-round vote in April and has since been ratified in a controversial vote has led to the identification of Israel as an ‘occupying power’ in Jerusalem rather than as its legal and legitimate heir, owner, and protector.

Here are the must-read links to help you understand why the vote matters and how YOU can take action.

1. Danger of UNESCO heritage committee’s Jerusalem resolution

26 Apr 2005, JERUSALEM, Israel — Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men pray during Passover prayers at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City April 26, 2005. — Image by © OLEG POPOV/Reuters/Corbis

A UNESCO committee has voted on a resolution concerning Jerusalem that refers more than ten times to “Al-Haram Al-Sharif”—the Islamic term for Temple Mount—without ever mentioning that it is the holiest site in Judaism. The text was drafted by the Palestinian and Jordanian delegations, and officially submitted by Kuwait, Lebanon and Tunisia, the Arab states on the 21-nation panel. Read More »

2. Why the UNESCO Vote On the Temple Mount Matters

The Western Wall in Jerusalem at the recent priestly blessing during the Jewish holiday of Succot. (Photo: Courtesy of the Israeli Air Unit)

By demanding that UNESCO use only Muslim terminology for the holiest site in the world, erasing the pre-Muslim history of the site, the Palestinian leadership have shown that they regard the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as one of Muslim domination over Jews and Christians. Read More »

3. Hijacking UNESCO to Rewrite Jerusalem's History

4. UNESCO’s absurd decision reflects the world’s honest opinion

UNESCO headquarters. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Israel was not established to be a safe haven for Jews, but to foster a society that presents a desirable and sustainable alternative to a ruptured and hate-filled world. The theatre of the absurd at UNESCO goes on,” said Benjamin Netanyahu about the organization’s decision to deny the historic connection between Judaism and the Temple Mount. Read More »

5. The Bible - Revised (by UNESCO)

6. Full text of new UNESCO resolution on ‘Occupied Palestine’

Official text of UN cultural agency’s resolution slamming Israel, referring to Jerusalem holy sites by Muslim names only. Read More »

7. UNESCO, Israel, Cain and Abel

Titian – Cain and Abel. Photo: Wikipedia.

The United Nations needs to stop telling countries to see themselves as comparable parties in a large international partnership. This has only led to every failed and rogue state finding fault in every other country of the world, rather than focusing on their own faults and improving themselves without reference to others. Read More »

8. UNESCO's disgrace actually strengthens us

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is not the problem, but the solution. Against its will, the institution grudgingly serves as a tool that will ultimately reinforce what it is attempting to deny: the eternal connection between the Jewish people and the core of its religious and national identity. Read More »

9. Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of UN Watch, on today's UNESCO resolution

“Today's resolution is part of a big lie, portraying Israel as the violator of religious freedom in the Middle East. The truth is the opposite: Israel is the only country in the region that protects freedom of religion, which is being trampled by all of its Arab and Islamist neighbors.”

“Democracies like France and other EU states need to get off the abstention fence and say #No to the hijacking of the UN for the purpose of denying the historic, religious and cultural rights of the Jewish people in Jerusalem."

Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of UN Watch, on today's UNESCO resolution:

10. Danny Ayalon explains how UNESCO passed the outrageous resolution denying the Jewish connection to the Western Wall and the Temple Mount.

11. UNESCO resolution is a 'disgrace to intelligent people,' says Temple Mount archeologist

Temple Mount Sifting Project

Archeological sites in Syria are blown up and demolished, and sites in Iraq are being bulldozed away, and what UNESCO is busy with is declarations about Jerusalem and its connection to Jewish heritage.

Instead of praising Israel for its archeological work, which illuminates the past of the Temple Mount and other places, what we have is the opposite. It’s deplorable. Israel has but one voice, while the Arabs and their supporters have so many more, so they can come to the decision that the earth is flat, and they will have a majority.” Read More »

12. Sacrificing the Temple Mount

In some ways this absurd farce does not and should not matter in the least, but in other ways it is a microcosm of much that is wrong with matters that pertain to Israel.

Whether UNESCO wants to acknowledge it or not, the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount is immediately evident after five minutes of studying archeology, three minutes of studying ancient history, and half a second of studying Jewish liturgy. The larger problem here is not what this resolution says about history, but what it says about the future. The Palestinian push to make this resolution happen rightly feeds into fears of what will happen to Jews and Jewish holy places in a future Palestinian state, and whether the same basic access and protections that Israel affords to non-Jewish religious sites will be reciprocated in any way. Read More »

13. UN Rewrites Jewish History, and Jews Look on the Bright Side

UNESCO's vote ironically succeeded in bridging institutions and individuals who are often deeply divided on Israel. Indeed, some Israelis allowed themselves the hope that the Palestinians, who fueled the resolution, might finally have overstepped in their attempt to gain advantage over Israelis through the UN. Read More »

14. UN Bias against Israel

15. Why we should applaud the UNESCO Decision by Israel Shield

This conflict was never about settlements or the occupation of a country that never existed and it was never about an Arab national dream to build a country called Palestine ... this conflict has always been about an Arab national intent to destroy the nation of Israel. Read More »

16. Israel’s Future Lies in the Past

The goal of the Palestinians was and still is to destroy Israel and the way they want to do this is by erasing the over 3000 year continuous history of the Jews in Israel and replacing it with a fabricated Palestinian history based on fairy dust and moon beams. Read More »

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