Defending Our Freedom From Persecution

As the world turns “all eyes to Rafah,” all evidence proves one thing: our Israel Defense Forces are doing everything necessary to protect the lives of civilians, and to establish security for the future of Israel's citizens. Even direct testimony from Gazans prove the strike was carried out in accordance with international law, was based on intelligence and executed using precision weaponry. And we know now - it was Hamas ammunition positioned near the refuge tents that created the fire that took the innocent lives. And it is Hamas that is responsible for every single life lost since October 7.

And the world continues to deny Israel’s inherent right to self-defense, which means we must remember just how important that right is. We must continue to make every effort to scream for the release of our hostages, and to not let their tactics sway us in our resolve to continue our fight for freedom.

As we see even today, the world continues to spread virulent, deadly lies that fuel Antisemitism and distort all truth to advance their goal of eliminating Israel and destroying the dignity of Jewish ancestral rights and self-determination. Now, on every platform, the evil of October 7 continues to threated us, to try to tear us down, or worse, tear us apart. We must prevent the infiltration of politicized vitriol, and we must do more to help each other wade through the chaos and find hope.

Each week, we can draw strength and inspiration from looking at the historical milestones we have achieved as a nation, in spite of all obstacles. On May 24-25, 1991, Israel performed a daring operation to rescue one of the world’s oldest Jewish communities, the Jewish community of Ethiopia. With a volatile political situation in the country, the threat of persecution and annihilation of the Jewish community was real and increasingly imminent. Over the course of 36 hours, in what is known as Operation Solomon, over 14,000 Ethiopians were able to fulfill their communal dream - to return home to Zion.

This miraculous rescue mission countered the feeling of helplessness we had felt for so many years. It was only 50 years earlier, this same week, when on June 1-2, 1941, the Arab street rose up against the Jews of Baghdad, slaughtering, raping, and looting in what became known as the Farhud. Too many don't know of the countless attacks on Jewish communities, ignited by the growing Nazi sentiment and fervor that aroused the masses who shared a common hate for the Jews. Today, we see that same ideology represented in the screams by academics, politicians, and laypersons who have been given every platform from which to spew their lies.

In Iraq, the Jews continued to face violence and hatred in that area until the early 1950s, shortly after the establishment of the State, when 90% of Iraqi Jews would be rescued and evacuated to Israel. In the United States, Canada, England, France, Australia, South Africa, Norway, Ireland and Spain, Jews are facing this same reality. Blaming Israel for the rise in the attacks is nothing more than a scapegoat, just as the blame for the death of the Gazan civilians in Rafah, the hospital blast, of the challenges of distribution of aid - it serves only to advance the blood libels that motivate the haters even more.

Israel is fighting a war for our freedom and continued independence in the incontestable, internationally recognized state and homeland for the Jewish people. We must join our soldiers, our leaders, and use our voice and every effort to fight and defend as Virtual Citizens of Israel who will not be silent. Tell us what more YOU want to do in your community, and we are here to help you make it happen - because this war, it needs all of us.



The most traumatic event in the collective memory of Iraqi Jews took place in the spring of 1941 – the pogrom known as the Farhud. Arabic for “violent dispossession,” was a pro-Nazi massacre against Baghdad Jewry. As a survivor of the Farhud sits captive in Gaza, Shlomo Mansur, it is our obligation to remember their lives, their suffering, and their survival while praying for his safety and that of all the Jews of Arab lands and everywhere.


In late May, 1991, Israel undertook the mission to rescue and airlift of the Jewish community of Ethiopia. Over the course of 36 hours, over 14,000 Ethiopians came home to Israel. This remains one of the largest and most memorable aliyah missions in Israeli history.

For the 30th anniversary of the airlift, the Jewish agency spoke with the descendants of individuals involved in this momentous event.


The Bloody Price of Freedom traces the battle the democratic State of Israel has faced for its existence since its legally sanctioned establishment in 1948. This meticulously documented volume is essential reading for anyone interested in standing against the demonization of Israel and antisemitic attacks upon the Jewish people.


Violent Antisemitism has arisen in every generation, with different faces, different locations, but the same baseless hatred.

But we still live, and will live. And we aren't going anywhere.

This powerful video from the cast of HaYehudim Ba'im ("The Jews Are Coming") offers a look at the persecutions and hope throughout Jewish history.

While many of us around the globe are not under a direct threat we are still very much a part of the story.

So let’s keep telling our children about their history and heritage. Let’s raise them to know from whence they came so they can walk tall and proud.

These days, we are seeing a lot of controversy surrounding our brave Israeli soldiers. On the frontline of every battle field and every media outlet, they are bearing the brunt of the propaganda, dehumanizing our young men and women through the lies and demonization of Jewish defense.

This week marks the anniversary of the founding of the IDF. Immediately after Israel’s independence was recognized and enacted on May 15, 1948, the surrounding nations attacked from every front and fighters from every community of Israel, every country of origin that found refuge in Israel as a safe haven from persecution, every type of Jew and friends of Jews, jumped into action. Since that day, the IDF has nobly defended Israel’s borders and citizens of all ethnicities, religions and races from the forces that rise against us.

The commanding officers and footsoldiers, tankmen and women and tazpaniyot (lookouts) are essential to our continued survival. The shock of October 7 has reawakened that fighting spirit, as they continue to bury their fallen comrades in arms and still do everything to seek out our hostages for freedom, to eliminate the terrorists and destroy its infrastructure, and to bring safety to us once again.

In the spirit of Bar Kochba and the fighters resisting the Roman conquest, we must never waver in our support for our soldiers of today. We have been distributing your letters, and sharing your gifts, and we continue to provide in every way to sustain the morale and motivation of those watchmen on our walls who are determined to stop the hundreds of attempted attacks and infiltrations you may never hear about. May our prayers keep them safe, while they protect us.





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