Every Jew Can Begin Anew - Bereshit

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Within the borders of our sovereign state, in our ancestral homeland where we have fought wars for generations, Jewish lives were stolen at the hands of barbarians, filled with hate.

The Jewish People are facing the deadliest attack on Jewish life since the Holocaust, a Simchat Torah pogrom which tore apart the lives of thousands of innocent Israelis. 

This week Jews around the world also open the Book of Genesis, Parshat Bereshit, the very place where our people and story began. 

We encourage nonreligious, unaffiliated, or conflicted Jews to start reading the parasha each week, as a renewed expression of commitment to learning Jewish history and Jewish rights as a nation in our homeland.

As an act of strength, in remembrance of all the trials and tribulations that have faced the Jewish people - as well as in celebration of our beautiful tradition - we encourage Jews of all backgrounds to return to Genesis and to reconnect with our history and the source of our identity as the Nation of Israel.

When the world once again challenges Israel’s right to exist, reading the weekly Torah portion, the parsha, is a reclamation of your story, your roots, your people and your homeland.

The Jewish People never forget where we come from. Our remembrance makes us resilient.  

Together, let us return each week to our Torah, to revive our appreciation of the land of our forefathers. Together we will remember where we have come from, so with pride and courage, we can build a stronger Jewish future. 

As we mourn and fight our fears
Let Every Jew 
Begin Anew. 

Show your support of our people and our homeland.


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Tags: Jewish Identity, Education, Take Action, Judaism, Bible