Comfort or Agony? Facebook Fights and Friends

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By Anna Berg

Last night I once again (and against my better judgement) ended up in a “debate” with haters. They spammed an event page on Facebook for a Swedish pro-Israeli rally that a friend of mine is organising in Stockholm. I went to bed feeling very sad and angry, and more than anything else, exhausted.

"Once again (although I promised myself never to dive into that dark muddy infested pool again) I've been in an endless, pointless "debate" with the other side: the unholy marriage of Islamists and the extreme left.

Same shit, same words: "occupation, genocide, fascists, illegal settlements, we like Jews but not Israel, yadda yadda". The final straw came when one of them said that our kidnapped and murdered boys were settlers and basically had only themselves to blame for what happened. I had to leave.

I feel like taking a shower to wash away the stench. I feel like vomiting from being in the same room as them, even though it was a virtual one. I feel the hate rising and I have to stop myself from sinking to their low level – if I had a gun I'd kill them – it's me or them. I hate myself for feeling like that – I'm a peaceful, caring person.

I couldn't hold it in any longer, and posted on my Facebook page the following status:

My heart is hurting and I wonder: when did the world become such a dark place? How can I even dream of having children and then have them grow up in this horrible world? How can I?

What is happening to my native country that used to be such a peaceful place? To Europe? The world has gone insane. They hate the good and love the evil. They defend terrorists and attack democracy. It's all going to hell. Straight to hell.

All I feel right now is exhaustion. What's the freakin point in fighting back, when nothing I say or do makes a difference – they all hate us anyway???  Why is it so hard for them to see the truth? Why?

When I woke up this morning a Facebook friend had written a wonderful response – and I found tremendous strength and hope in these words. I realised that we MUST support each other and give each other love and strength – we are, once again, in terrible times, and this is the only way we can get through it!

Here are her words:

"Anna, try to take a deep breath! Your passion is going to knock you over, although we all feel it as strongly, and we have to support each other as much as each soldier in the IDF must support his comrades.

The kind of "conversation" you describe is indeed exhausting, but it is POSSIBLE to pick their ideas apart point by point IF THEY WILL SIT STILL LONG ENOUGH TO LISTEN (which is usually not the case).

Even if they don't, please be reminded that by answering them online you may be influencing someone else who is reading your words and who was leaning in the wrong direction. Never underestimate the impact of any word you utter or write in Israel's defence.

Their ignorance and arrogance is maddening to say the least, but we are the stronger, wiser, and smarter, and we have HaShem, each other, and thousands of years of history behind us. Indeed, the world has become a dark place, but we as Jews are commanded to light a candle wherever we are and to bring light. I imagine Sodom and Gemorrah looked like this, had we been alive during that time. I think the world before the flood and Noah looked like this as well.

I do not know WHY this is happening, but I do know we have to fight back because we represent what is humane, kind, gentle and true. It is our job to prevent the world from going to hell and to still keep a vision of heaven alive, as we fight for what is right and our survival.

Anna, I hope this wasn't too preachy, as I can only imagine what it is like to live day by day, hour by hour, with the tension and stress of the situation in Israel. May my words be of some comfort and may tomorrow bring you more hope and strength."

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Tags: Living Israel, Terror, Social Media