Freedom Farm Sanctuary: another way Israel is repairing the world

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By Heidi Krizer Daroff

Often when we read about a catastrophe occurring somewhere in the world we hear about first responder teams from Israel rushing to the scene to help. From the mining accident in Chile several years ago, to deadly tsunamis in Japan, to earthquakes in Haiti and Mexico, to the hurricanes in Texas and Florida, Israelis are on the ground saving lives, sometimes being the first foreign team to arrive.

Hanging out with the JewishVeg Birthright group.

But it is not just human lives that Israelis work to save. On a recent trip to Israel, my family and I had the wonderful opportunity to spend an afternoon visiting a life-saving concept new to Israel, a farm sanctuary for animals where they can live out their lives in safety instead of being killed as a commodity. Unlike most farms, here nothing is bought, sold, or produced. Freedom Farm Sanctuary is the brainchild of two very dedicated women. They are part of Israel’s growing embrace of a vegan lifestyle, where people are making the conscious decision to cause as little harm as possible to the world around them.

The visit to the sanctuary was particularly special because we were visiting this new facility with the participants of the first ever Vegan Birthright group sponsored by Jewish Veg. This trip was such a success that a second Vegan Birthright trip is already in the works!

Being surrounded by so many young Americans witnessing the kindness of Israelis was very special in and of itself, meeting the various beautiful animals and hearing their harrowing stories of escaping to freedom brought many of us to tears.

Each animal has their own sleeping area labeled with their Hebrew name.

One of the highlights of the sanctuary is that all of the all the animals have Hebrew names. We met a Yossi, a Noah, and a Maya, among other fun biblical and modern Hebrew names.

Watch the heart touching story of how Freedom Farm Sanctuary worked to reunite a sheep family and saved the mother Mazel from slaughter, to the delight of father Baruch and their babies.

Climbing the walls for a better view.

Israel is considered the vegan capital of the world, with tons of restaurants from the trendiest neighborhoods to far out remote places and everywhere in between. Meeting these Israeli women at Freedom Farm Sanctuary who, with the assistance of thousands of contributors from throughout Israel and the United States, have taken a stand to end the misery and pain of as many animals as they can really impressed upon everyone that day that there truly is no limit to the depths that the people of Israel will go to help those in need.

They say we are not judged by how we treat the most capable in society but by how we treat the most vulnerable. Israel is a shining example of that credo.

Heidi Krizer Daroff enjoys sharing her passion for Israel with others as North America Director of The Israel Forever Foundation. While her passport indicates that she does not reside in Israel, her heart definitely does. Through her storytelling, Heidi invites you to grow your involvement and add more Israel Forever into your daily life.

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Tags: Israel Engagement, Travel, Zionism, Science and Technology, Family, Living Israel, Heidi Krizer Daroff

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