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Tags: Diaspora, Solidarity, Inspiration and Hope

By Nicole Grant

My sister has been in Israel since 1994, married with 3 lovely kids who I'm proud to be doda to. Bless them. I didn't visit her in Israel until 2012. And I fell in love my first time.

I regret I had been missing out on this beautiful country with their beautiful people and beautiful culture. Before my first visit to Israel I hardly knew anything about the country, the culture, it's history because of lack of interest and I haven't been so close to my sister who lives there.

Whenever Israel was brought up I was told many times by people what animals Israelis are and how unfairly the Palestinians are treated by them. I didn't agree to anything that was said as I didn't know anything about the conflict so I refused to participate in a debate I knew nothing about.

Today I know so much more after all my visits to Israel, for having family that's Israelis, Israeli friends and for constantly following media and debates. I know today that I have been told lies or been misinformed because of lack of knowledge and because of antisemitism. When I read the mainstream media in Sweden today, I don't blame people for knowing so little here and for sympathizing with Palestinians. The mainstream media is either one-sided or twisted.

Do you never ask yourself why Israel is always in spotlight even though it's only the country in the Middle East where people regardless of religion, race and sexual identity lives in democracy?

Friends of mine think I've gone a bit crazy about Israel. Why should I feel ashamed about that I want to spread the truth about a society who cherishes life and who contributes to the world? I am not ashamed that I support the Jewish society and Israel.

Any other country constantly under attack and facing threats all around her borders would have a right to self defense, but people condemn Israel easily when doing the same?

I will keep posting about Israel, I will tell people who asks me what I know and what I have learned and maybe I will maybe make at least one person learn about what really goes on in Israel.

Israel is not perfect and Israelis are not perfect. They all know Israel is not perfect, but there is humanity, love and strength in the country.

I don't know any other country or society who has welcomed me so warmly. I am not Jewish, I am Christian but I am an atheist. I love to travel, and I want to see the world - but Israel is still my first choice to buy a ticket to.

I'll say it again, my love and support for Israel is here to stay. Am Yisrael Chai

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Tags: Diaspora, Solidarity, Inspiration and Hope