Israel, From Every Angle

Tags: Arts and Culture, Land and Nature, Jerusalem

By Elad Matityahu

Israel is the definition of multi-faceted. Elad Matityahu takes a look at this diversity through his lens aiming to bring to light the optimism and serentiy found in these multiple states. From winter in Jerusalem down to balmy Eilat, Elad has his own unique point of view.

Religion in Jerusalem

Sunset from Har Adar (near Jerusalem)

Winter in the Armenian Quarter, Old City - Jerusalem

Dormition Abbey, Jerusalem

Western Wall, Old City - Jerusalem

Tower of David, Jerusalem

Jetty, Red Sea - Eilat

Herzliya Marina

Fisherman, Port - Old Jaffa

Tel Aviv Port

Elad Matityahu is a 33 years old living in Jerusalem. Two years ago Elad began taking pictures and ever since, it has been a love affair with the lens. Elad aims to show his beloved country of Israel through its optimism and serenity in his own unique way. If you liked these photos check out Elad on Facebook.

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Tags: Arts and Culture, Land and Nature, Jerusalem