Israeli Apartheid: Beyond the Lies

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By Israel Forever Staff


People often say that what’s happening in Israel and the continued assault on its existence is difficult to understand, or too complicated to take a stand on. In this resource, we show that the situation, in its essence, is actually pretty straightforward and help you debunk the lies that are spreading around the world.

There are a lot of convincing lies about Israel being an apartheid state. This slideshow includes a list of just a few of these lies, as well as images debunking them.


By utilizing this resource and discussion activity, your group will gain insight into this situation, and the truth beyond the lies. Once completed, the students will be better prepared to respond to these lies when they come across them, and gain more pride in Israel.


This resource can be used for a school lesson, a youth group activity etc.
Appropriate for children aged 12 +

  1. Print the slides - one set of slides per pair/groups of four, or show it as a slideshow on a projector, whiteboard or interactive whiteboard etc. Feel free to use as many of the slides you need, based on time, age, etc.
  2. Begin with an introductory discussion (suggestions below).
  3. Present and/or distribute the slides. While reviewing the slides, have the students engage in one or more of the main activities, either in small groups or together (depending on overall group size).
  4. Conclusion

Introduction ideas to facilitate discussion

  • Word association - Ask students to write down words about Israel, talk about their experiences, what they liked/didn’t like. 
  • If you have any pictures of Israel, show them (to stimulate conversation if needed).
  • Introduce the concept of apartheid - ask if anyone knows what that means, and review its history as necessary.
  • Before presenting the slides, ask students if they know why Israel is/is not considered to be apartheid.

Main activities

Depending on how much time you have here are some activity suggestions:

  • Task 1 - List differences between Israel and South Africa.
  • Task 2 - List points as to why Israel is not an apartheid state. 
  • Task 3 - Discuss ways to convince people that Israel is not an apartheid state. Children can create a poster, write an article, create a song, etc.


Students should present their work and findings (what did we/I learn?). Use the discussion questions below for guidance.

Reinforce being proud to be Jewish and proud of Israel and its achievements and accomplishments. If you have time, discuss Israel’s positive contributions to the world, e.g. inventions, agriculture, technology, humanitarian aid, etc.

This is a sensitive topic so questions need to be age appropriate. Also if there are children that will be upset by some of the images, the images need to be explained in a clear, appropriate and sensitive way. Be prepared to respond to some difficult questions.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why is Israel not an apartheid state?
  2. Why was South Africa an apartheid state?
  3. Which examples can you give that show this?
  4. What positive contributions has Israel given to the world?
  5. Why am I proud to be Jewish?
  6. Why am I proud of Israel?
  7. What can I do to fight the lies?


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Tags: Activism, Education, Resources, Activity, Apartheid