Keshet: Northern Sunrise with Cows for Company

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By Miriam Lottner

Keshet Israel

My friend Roni told me one day I would laugh about my Keshet trip. I really hope that is true.

I had this really smart idea that I would go to Keshet at 5AM, on my own, from a nearby community where I had been staying with my friend Roni, and her family. It was early spring, it was COLD, it was foggy and Keshet is at the VERY top of the coastal Northern border with Lebanon. The road up was windy, dark and deserted.

I arrived at the national park to find the gates unlocked, the parking lot open -and not a soul in sight. I had heard it was popular with climbers and they would be there early morning..there were none.

However, what there was, were cows. HUGE, bulls in fact. Bulls so big, I was worried they might ram my car. So I sat in my car, and I waited. I waited, until I saw I was going to miss sunrise...and then I decided, it was now or never.

Keshet Israel

It was still just me, and the cows. So I took my GoPro stick, and I extended it as far as it would go. Grabbed my backpack, made sure to triple tie my shoes...and set off.

One major problem. 10 massive cows stood on the path. I needed that path to get to the arch. I needed that path to not miss sunrise. So I had just one choice, right? Prod the cows with my GoPro stick until they would agree to move.

Keshet Israel

In retrospect, this is hysterical. There I was at 5 AM, prodding cows, away from a path at a national park, to see a national wonder. By myself, in the inky moments before sunrise, prodding cows. If only the people enjoying and playing Reveal would know what went into making each card!

And there I was, in the utter silence of the Northern Border -the only sound, the fierce wind at the top of the arch. Suddenly, I heard bleating below.

Can you see the tiny black spots at the bottom of the arch? The mountain goats had climbed halfway up the cave and bleated a friendly hello.

Keshet Israel

And so I stood and watched a stunning sunrise, over the hills of the East, towards the Mediterranean to the West.

It was majestic and so glorious.

As I walked back to the parking lot, suddenly there were more cows -but in daylight, they felt like old friends. They eyed me and my stick, and parted for me like the red sea. Allowing me to continue on my journey. As I unlocked my car, a group of young rappelers arrived.

Keshet Israel

“Were you here for sunrise” they asked.


“What was it like?”

Glorious. You’ve never been?

“No, we heard it is amazing, but it is hard to get all the way up here that early.”

Yes, I know the feeling. It is.

Some things are worth the effort folks. The Keshet Arch/Cave is one of them.

Reveal Mom Travel Tips:

  • Bring cow bribes/treats -or be prepared to wait for them to move
  • The roads here are very steep and curvy and have no shoulders etc. I personally do not recommend driving it unless there is some light/daylight etc.
  • Bring snacks/lunch. Beautiful spot for a picnic
  • It is VERY windy. I have seen photos of people crossing the arch. I know it can be done. My suggestion would be to NOT allow small children or pets to cross the arch unless you are confident in their abilities to navigate uneven walking surfaces, there is no wind and they have no fear of heights.
  • Look to the left, look to the right, grab a 360 camera or a drone. One of the most glorious views in the whole country from up there!
  • There are extreme tour companies that offer rappelling packages. If this is something you enjoy, go for it!
  • There are facilities here -they looked decent. Not amazing, but serviceable.

Miriam Lottner is the proud mother of twin girls, and the creator and founder of Reveal Cards. After making Aliyah from Los Angeles, Miriam spent the next 20 years working in senior roles in Israel's hi-tech sector. She is now a frequent public speaker, mentor, business consultant and advocate for women in technology. An avid photographer, Miriam loves to explore and makes sure to schedule travel adventures somewhere in Israel at least once a week.



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Tags: Land and Nature, Living Israel, Arts and Culture, Advocacy, Jewish Unity, Aliyah