Why It Is a Moral Obligation to Stand With Israel

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Let the distance not divide us from our commitment to Israel's meaningful existence, to her people, her security, and her future.

Below are a collection of quotes about the true morality of Israel, and how it is skewed and masked by what is shown in the news and the media. Do not be fooled. Stand with the truth. Stand with humanity. Stand with Israel.

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The skewed outpouring of sympathy toward an organization that does not value the lives of either Palestinians or Jews fails all reasonable logic. Those who are condemning Israel for the loss of innocent lives in Gaza should redirect their condemnation to Hamas that is using women and children as human shields. Israel should instead be getting moral support from peace-loving citizens of the world.

Israel should be receiving help from democratic and free counties of the world as they are trying to protect their people and territory from the onslaught of Hamas that has vowed to wipe Israel from the face of the earth.

Why does the international community not demand that Hamas accept Israel's right to exist within safe and secure borders? Why does the international community not help Israel destroy all the tunnels that Hamas has built to smuggle weapons and terrorists into Israel? Would these same countries that are condemning Israel for destroying these tunnels in Gaza allow similar tunnels to be dug under their borders as free and unrestricted passage for terrorists to smuggle weapons that would be used to kill and maim innocent civilians? The appalling treatment and condemnation of Israel by countries that claim to be democratic is shocking, and is tantamount to justifying the aggression of those who want to annihilate Israel.

- Kenneth Meshoe, Pro-Israel member of South African Parliament

This is not a new operation, or a new war. This is the latest battle in the War of Independence, the ongoing struggle of the Jewish people to create a new home in their ancestral homeland. Our neighbors have never accepted us, and increasingly, the world does not, either...

Long, dark days lie ahead of us, but it’s not too early to know that when this is over, nothing is going to be the same. The tunnels are the ultimate image of our vulnerability, the response of the world the perfect picture of our aloneness. “Death to the Jews,” they chant in Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam.

When the guns go silent, we’re going need to renew a vision that blends resolve with tolerance, strength with utter decency, individual freedom coupled with a sense of serving something greater than ourselves. Can we pull it off? The ground is shaking here, and it’s not only because of the rockets.

Daniel Gordis

This is a humanitarian imperative for the Palestinians and a security imperative for Israel. Mobilizing the international community to accept this plan is a national imperative for the Jewish people.

- Martin Sherman

It is time for Jews to say we have had enough. It is time for Jews to say what Emile Zola said when he could no longer stand the lies, the fabrications, the deceits and the dishonesty of the press of his day as they falsely accused the Jew, Dreyfus, of treason when the real reason for their attack was because Dreyfus was a Jew.

- Rabbi Benjamin Blech

There is nothing noble or responsible in suggesting a moral equivalence between a democratic nation and a terrorist group because of an unequal casualty count. What moral code demands that Israel be punished simply because Hamas has failed to commit the mass murder it intended?

Israel is on the frontline of this global war, facing phenomena that other Western democracies have yet to confront. Make no mistake, Israel’s battle today will determine how we all live tomorrow.

- Ron Prosor, Ambassador of Israel

We waited thousands of years to have our prayer of “next year in Jerusalem” come true.

We have lived through every unimaginable horror that the world has foisted on us from Expulsion to Holocaust and we are still here. Not only are we here we are thriving.

The world stood by and said nothing while one third of our family was murdered, yet we are still here. The Arab world attacked Israel many times directly and we are still here.

If the saying “what doesn't kill you makes you stronger” then WE ARE ALL SUPERMEN. Oh, by the way - that was created by Jews.

- Larry Levine

A message from a friend in the IDF:

I was a commander in the Israeli Army, and I am one of millions that served our country and know what we are fighting for. We are fighting for this small country that is our home, being surrounded by countries that share the same ideology as one another and intend to take our home away from us.

We are not attacking the Palestinians for no reason. As soon as we fight back, the world thinks that we are to blame. That we are brutal and violent. All these things they say about us out there are not true. We are trying to protect ourselves and our country just like any other country would do.

We've been in this fight for decades and we still are. We need your support. Nations of the world unite. Help us reveal the truth and fight for justice. I wish our brothers in the field good luck, and may they return home safe.

- Gil Bar-On via Miriam Young

Israel is the only developed nation (with a fertility rate of three) that loves life sufficiently to bring more children into the world than are required to replace the existing population. Israel today, as at the time of the prophets, remains a unique and irreplaceable light unto the world, the paragon of a nation, the hope of all humanity.

Today it is the proof that modern men and women can embrace life and raise themselves above the tragic fate of the peoples since the dawn of man. Antisemitism is the vicious grudge that death harbors against life. We are tired of refuting the clumsy calumnies that are thrown at Israel each day in the liberal media. Our response is in the imperative: “Choose life!”

- David Goldman

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Tags: Terror, Solidarity, Israel Under Fire, Jewish Unity