Countries of the World: Move your embassies to Jerusalem

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By Andreas Fagerbakke

If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill! Let my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth.

When praying, Jews all around the world turn towards Jerusalem, the city that has been the historical capital of the Jewish people since King David, over 3000 years ago. Jews in the diaspora have yearned for countless generations to return to Jerusalem. In 1967, the entire city finally returned to its rightful owners. Israel liberated the Eastern part of Jerusalem from Jordanian occupation and once again the city was united and under Jewish sovereignty.

Today, no international embassy remains in Israel’s capital and no country in the world, except Israel, has recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital. This is beyond absurd to anyone with the slightest knowledge about Jerusalem’s history or Jewish history.

I think Teddy Kollek, former Mayor of Jerusalem, sums it up perfectly: "No other city has played such a dominant role in the history, culture, religion and consciousness of a people as has Jerusalem in the life of Jewry and Judaism."

So if no other people have a more legitimate claim to a city than the Jewish people have to Jerusalem, why on earth can’t the world recognize that this indeed is the capital of the one and only Jewish state? It doesn’t make any sense.

Friends of Israel from all over the world may not agree on everything when it comes to the Middle East conflict, but I think we all agree that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Therefore we should also agree on the fact that the embassies that are currently located in Tel Aviv should me moved to Jerusalem. That is why I created this Facebook page, in order to send a clear message to the International Community.

The response has been overwhelming with over 1100 likes in less than 2 days. Feel free to join us and invite your friends. I plan on launching a campaign within the next few months and hope that you will participate.

Andreas Fagerbakke is a Pro-Israel blogger from Norway. 

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Tags: Zionism, Causes, Israel Engagement, Living Israel, Community, Jerusalem