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By David Matlow

The Israel Forever is pleased to present an exclusive My Herzl Online Film Screening

Tickets $12 - RSVP required.
Login and viewing will be available throughout the week - online, comfortable, and convenient!

We are proud to offer not only an individual rate, but also 2 types of group rates so that you can invite family and friends, or open to your congregation. Discussion guide available as well!

Every registered name gets entered into a raffle for some incredibly cool and unique Herzl memorabilia from David's personal collection!

RSVP Today!

Join our ongoing effort to promote understanding and connection to the life and legacy of Theodore Herzl

My Herzl: Live The Legacy

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About the Author

David Matlow
David Matlow is the owner of the world’s largest private collection of Herzl memorabilia and is the producer of My Herzl, a 52 minute documentary by Israeli film maker Eli Tal-El. A partner at Goodmans LLP in Toronto, David is the immediate past chair of the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto and a member of the board of directors of the Ontario Jewish Archives and the iCenter for Israel Education.

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Tags: History, Arts and Culture

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