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By Jordan Amorelli

In too many ways, Israel is seen in a dark light due to its ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict and is not being admired for its unbelievable work that is changing the world, and saving so many lives. Beyond the conflict that every country at some point faces, Israel is not being fully recognized for its accomplishments.

Thou Shalt Innovate, just like Start-Up Nation, looks to provide clear and breathtaking examples about innovations and inventions produced by Israel. From hardware to software, medical miracles, and agricultural advancements, there’s very little that Israel can’t succeed in.

By educating myself on these aspects of Israeli culture, that is sometimes overshadowed, I am able to engage with the reason why I fell in love with this country. I am able to prove with hard evidence, how even with all the backlash it gets, Israel is still working to make the world a better place. No matter the hardships, there are people who need more help; that is something I really enjoyed about Thou Shalt Innovate. Avi Jorisch does more than just describe the innovations, he explains why and how Israelis are willing to go far and beyond the limits to change the world.

My mom and I were having a conversation about Israel as we were driving through the Negev and I was rattling off facts that I had learned about from this book just to educate her on things I knew she didn’t know. For some reason, her response has stuck with me. She said “necessity is the mother of innovation.” I felt like this was a very appropriate and relatable quote for Israel.

Creating something out of nothing was Israel’s main challenge when it became a state 70 years ago. The desert was a barren place, and where it is now is farther than ever imagined. No other country has made such progression in its first 70 years than Israel has. The work that they did to get the desert blooming, their work with drip irrigation, water recycling and desalination is helping Israel flourish.

The Israeli technology that helped get the Thailand soccer team out of the caves after being stuck for a week and a half needs to be noticed. Israel created a radar so that birds and airplanes can fly freely without the worry of severe contact. An Israeli invented an exoskeleton that helps people who were told they could never walk again, walk!

These are the things that Israel is producing. Remarkable, unimaginable, brilliant innovations that are saving lives and making the world a better place. Without books like Thou Shalt Innovate, Israel is not always getting the recognition that it deserves.

We all need to use resources like Thou Shalt Innovate to brighten the light bestowed upon Israel to make the world understand there is more than just the media.



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Jordan Amorelli
Jordan Amorelli is a rising junior at the University of Maryland, College Park. She is currently studying Economics with a double minor in General Business and Spanish. She developed a strong interest in business management and marketing from a young age when her parents, both chefs, built their own brick-and-mortar restaurant from scratch. After college, Jordan wants to pursue this field both on the international level as well as the domestic level. In her free time, Jordan enjoys playing sports, and being an active member of her sorority, Sigma Delta Tau, holding the position of Vice President of New Member Education.

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Tags: Books, Arts and Culture, People and Society, Inspiration and Hope, Science and Technology, Nationalism