Photo Activism: The Beauty of Israel Uncovered

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By Noam Chen

Let's be honest, we all know Israel has been getting mostly bad press for years now.

The world seems to have its mind set up on what Israel should and should not do to make the Middle East an alleged peaceful place.

View from the Tower of David, Old City of Jerusalem.

We can choose whether to agree with these voices or not.

As a citizen of that country, and a third generation descendant of a Holocaust survivor, there is one thing I know we cannot question: the undeniable connection of our people to the land of Israel, and the importance of our very existence here.

The last remnant of the second Jewish Temple, the Western Wall.

As I grew up and developed interest in photography, it was clear from the beginning that my biggest inspiration were the landscapes around me, whether natural or urban ones.

Jaffa Street on a wet winter evening, Jerusalem.

Later on, as the interest transformed to profession, I started working for leading bodies in the tourism industry, including the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.

During the past years, I have had the privilege of expressing my point of view, and reveal Israel's beautiful side to the world. I have collaborated with several pro-Israeli organizations and websites, sharing the beauty of Israel with their large audiences around the world, participating in exhibitions, and having my work published in magazines throughout North America and Europe.

The miraculous Dead Sea.

This year I've also decided to publish for the first time a calendar with my photography of Israel's spectacular landscapes, a different way to make the inspiring beauty of Israel available to everyone worldwide.

These days, we all see how the Middle East is rapidly changing, with radicals taking over territories and committing horrible crimes. I believe that today, more than ever, it is crucial to remember that the holy land of Israel is not just a beautiful place, but a firm island of sanity in a world gone mad, a country that preserves and respects its history and people.

Flowers fields, southern Israel.

I feel that we Israelis have the duty to tell the world what Israel is really like.

Sunset at Ramon Crater, Negev Desert.

All of these photographs are part of the
2015 Calendar – Landscapes of Israel, available at:

Cityscape of Tel Aviv.

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How was Israel's beautiful side revealed to you?

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Tags: Arts and Culture, Land and Nature