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By Nancy Jacobs

Please really try and understand what it means that we are living with terror.

It's not anything any country in the world would tolerate.

Words like “escalation” assume that there is a moral equivalency on both sides, and there is not. Israel aims to protect its civilians, whereas Hamas, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Iran, uses kids as human shields.

If you believe in Jewish rights to sovereignty over our ancient homeland, the only country in the mid east with full rights for women, the most educated Arab population in the mid east and a thriving democracy, then I would ask you as friends to know that this is a critical moment for survival.

The IDF is doing all in its power to minimize civilian casualty by calling and dropping leaflets. Hamas gathers kids to be used as human shields. This is a culture of death.

You hear the world calling for restraint as the bodies used as human shields add up in Gaza. This is tragic. And it can be stopped.

The world needs to pressure the terrorists to stop the rockets, not pressure Israel to stop defending this assault against her citizens.

Nothing is more important to a Jew than a human life. This is a moment in time when the nature of evil must be seen for what it is: unsustainable, unacceptable and G-d help us if Israel is not successful.

What we are facing here in Israel is not just a Mideast problem. It's a global one.

Please know it is so important that you understand.

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Getting the truth out about what is happening relies on those of you who do understand. It is up to you to explain why this matters. The people of Israel are being targeted by terror, day after day, year after year, but too many believe the lies. Stolen land, apartheid, genocide. LIES! Just as they seek to destroy us, they seek to demonize us in the minds of the world. AND THEY ARE SUCCEEDING!

Be a part of putting an end to this! Be a proud Virtual Citizen of Israel - and share the truth of how Israel, the Jewish State, upholds ethical standards even in wartime.

We are not perfect, and we will not stop fighting to improve ourselves as individuals and as a society, just as we will not stop fighting for our rights to this land.

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Tags: Living Israel, Terror, Israel Under Fire