Red Cross: The Oath of Neutrality vs Humanitarian Crisis

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It has now been more than 120 days since Israeli hostages have been held in Gaza by Hamas and their terror-supporting allies.

Since October 7th, the Red Cross has not attempted to visit the Israeli hostages in captivity in Gaza. They have left them to linger without treatment and life-saving medications for over 120 days since Hamas launched a cruel, vicious, and barbaric attack and massacre against the pastoral southern communities of the Gaza envelope. The defense used by the Red Cross for their inaction is that to help those hostages would be “taking sides” and violating their stance on neutrality. Hopefully, the intended medicines from Israel have reached the hostages, who must be in an increasingly dire situation health-wise with each additional day.

The foundational principle of the Red Cross is based on an oath of neutrality. This oath states that the Red Cross Movement may not take sides in hostilities or engage in political, racial, religious, or ideological controversies at any time. Those who take sides or interfere may estrange or deceive one side, push them away, and lose confidence as an unbiased party serving everyone equally.

But for some reason, when it comes to Jews, they do not uphold this essential value for humanitarian aid.

They have continued to neglect the hostages being held by Hamas. They have not offered any humanitarian assistance to any Israeli citizens in this or previous wars. They have shown themselves to be disinterested in Jewish human rights, and they have outright denied Jewish Israelis, until a few weeks back, the ability to even be heard.

In the face of the families of the hostages, they have until recently blatantly declared, “Think about the suffering of the Palestinians,” denying that Jewish suffering is of equal measure.

Even their statement on the current conflict is rife with bias.

It is up to us to make sure that the world is aware of the antisemitic bias of the Red Cross. It is up to us to speak out against these organizations with confidence and clarity.

Stand up against injustice, discrimination, and inequality. Advocate for fairness, human rights, and social justice causes.

Even during the Holocaust, the ICRC failed to take action. As its own president once stated, “It failed as a humanitarian organization because it lost its moral compass.” And it is failing the Jews again today.

We invite you to join the urgent Appeal for Action to DEMAND Red Cross intervention and action. Write letters, rally on Red Cross doorsteps worldwide, make phone calls endlessly, and refuse to be ignored!

The gravity of this situation demands our immediate attention, and there is more we can do than hold our banners to bring them home now.

Regardless of personal or political opinions - on the war, on the crisis, on the blame game and emotional triggers, it is imperative that we unite for a common cause: to raise our voices to all bodies that can assist in bringing the hostages back home.

Each and every one of us holds the power to make a difference through our votes and actions. Let us ensure that this time, our voice is dedicated to securing the safe return of these innocent individuals and standing up for humanity and Israeli and Jewish human rights.


  • What do we understand about the concept of neutrality?
  • How has the International Red Cross behaved when it came to issues pertaining to Jews, Israel, and Jewish needs in times of war?
  • How and/or why is the behavior of the Red Cross, UNICEF, and other international humanitarian aid organizations different towards the needs of Israelis and the needs of Gazans?
  • Should organizations such as these be allowed to choose who they help? What should be the determining factors in making that judgment? What would be a valid or invalid reason to assist those in need?
  • Should people continue to consider the International Red Cross an ethical organization that meets its mandate?
  • What more could we do to demand justice and equal treatment for Israeli citizens in crisis?


TAKE ACTION: Sign a petition today!

While some are posting on social media as much and often as they can, some prefer to act in other ways. A petition is one small way to make a difference. Demand action from the Red Cross by signing one of these petitions as a proud Virtual Citizen of Israel.

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Tags: Antisemitism, Conversation Starters, Resources, Israel Under Fire, Take Action