The Red Dragon: A Purim Forest Festival

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By Yulia Ginis

During the last military operation, Israelis and Jews around the world gathered to support the residents of Israel’s south by delivering assistance to those who had been living under rocket fire.
This support was invaluable.

After the missiles finally stopped raining from the sky and “Pillar of Defense” operation had come to an end, the South disappeared from newspaper headlines leaving scars both physical and psychological. Continuing to support the residents of Israel’s south is still important during the process of rehabilitation, especially the children.

The Mystorin Theatre Group is rising to the challenge!

To celebrate the historic holiday of Purim and its relevance to our lives as Jews and Israelis today, we are organizing a huge open air festival for outdoor recreation, theater and music in a forest near Arad so that Israeli children living in the South can “Follow the Red Dragon”.

The performance will showcase monumental puppets four meters high, specially designed costumes, dancers and musicians! Visitors will enjoy an unforgettable experience of culture, fresh air and the rejuvenating spirit that Purim instills in all our hearts of the perpetuation of Jewish life, community and pride.

This time of year, the forests in the Negev are beautiful and in bloom, spreading a carpet of red flowers just waiting for the guests of honor to arrive.

Both children and adults will be invited to join in a theatrical quest after the “Red Dragon”, a magical creature that guards the secrets of the enchanted forest.

Our goal is to support children of the South who were forced to live under fire and who are still finding their way back to calm in their hearts and peace in their lives. 

We aim to help heal their wounds and forget the fear.

The Mystorin Theatre Group specializes in the organization of outdoor, site specific artistic events open to the public free of charge. To demonstrate the power of community in a nation determined to stand strong together, 5,000 people from all over Israel will be invited to the South to assist economic development of the region.

With only 3 weeks left until Purim, you can make a difference in the lives of these children from the South! YOU can help bring the Red Dragon to life!

Click here to Learn more about celebrating Purim in the Negev with "The Red Dragon".

The Mystorin Group uses visual art, music and movement to create unique outdoor theater productions. They perform all over Israel and abroad and are open to audiences free of charge. The Mystorin Theatre Group is an NGO and can receive donations from foundations and private sponsors.

Yulia Ginis, a former Boston resident, was born in Moscow. Her parents struggled for many years to leave the Soviet Union and were active in the Refusenik movement. The freedom of Yulia's family and that of other Soviet Jews would not be possible without a tremendous support from American Jewish communities and others around the world who rallied under the banner "Let My People Go!"

Yulia made Aliya and lives in Jerusalem where she graduated from the Institute of Visual Theater in Jerusalem and now is a Director and Producer of The Mystorin Theatre Group.

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Tags: Soldiers and Defense, Purim, Land and Nature, Arts and Culture