SSI Demands University of Michigan Take Action

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by Students Supporting Israel (SSI)

SSI Demands Action Against University of Michigan

On Thursday, January 12th, 2023 during Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to the University of Michigan, members of the pro-Palestinian campus group, Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE), marched and openly called for the genocide and murder of Israelis and Jews.  
“There is only one solution, Intifada revolution” was one of the chants heard from the protestors. 1,030 Israelis were murdered by Palestinian terrorists during the 2nd Intifada; 5,598 were injured. Terror groups like the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Hamas, and the Islamic Jihad murdered Israelis and Jews on buses in Jerusalem, during Passover dinners, in restaurants and elsewhere. 
University of Michigan’s 2016-2021 DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION STRATEGIC PLAN notes a pledge, signed by the administrative executives, in which they note to uphold accountability in commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. As a higher education academic institution ranking 5th of most Jewish populated (14%) college campuses, it is the obligation of University of Michigan to speak out and suspend SAFE from campus. At a time where words hold a powerful influence and the Jewish community is ranked the number one targeted community in the country per hate crimes in relation to global population, violent chants can, and HAVE, easily escalated into violent actions against Zionists and Jewish students on campus. 
In order to combat the rising hatred and misinformation infecting campuses, we mustn't sit idly by expecting a change to occur. We must ACT.
In March and April, Students Supporting Israel (SSI) will be hosting our Annual Palestinian Apartheid Week campaign on college campuses across North America. SSI brings to campuses the vital information that groups, like those marching in the name of genocide at University of Michigan, don’t want you to hear:

  • The Palestinian government has made it part of their official policy to reward and honor the slaughter of Jews under the Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund program known as, “Pay for Slay.”
  • Jews cannot pray freely in Palestinian-controlled territories without fear of violence. 
  • Jews are forbidden from owning land in Palestinian-controlled territories.
  • Mixing of Arabs and Jews in Palestinian-controlled territories is forbidden.
  • Article VII of the Hamas Charter declares, “The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight Jews and kill them.” 
  • Both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas actively seek to erase the existence of the Jewish people from their textbooks, maps, and their entire education system.

These facts cannot be ignored, nor dismissed from the campus communities, and those advocating against the right of Jewish self-determination. We cannot turn a blind eye to Jewish hatred embedded in Palestinian-controlled territory policies to Palestinian-controlled campus groups. 
If you are ready to be proactive and initiate the much-needed change on campuses, join SSI’s campaign, or learn how to debunk some of the biggest antisemitic lies regarding Israel on campuses by visiting our website at:

Free speech says we have the right to speak up against Antisemitism. Zionism says we must.


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Students Supporting Israel (SSI) is an independent, nonpartisan, grassroots organize created to provide a strong and united pro-Israel front on college campuses. By being part of a thriving international movement, students are empowered to express their views in support of Israel.



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Tags: Take Action, Antisemitism, Zionism