Stand Strong: Krav Maga Confidence for All Ages

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By Jake Silverman

It’s important that we teach our kids to be proud of being Jewish and Israel, and to be able to stand up for themselves when confronted by challenging situations. Although it’s ideally better to solve disputes and problems with words, it’s also important to be able to physically defend yourself. That’s why krav maga is such a great thing to learn! It’s not just about fighting, but is a way to build confidence in yourself, and the confidence to defend yourself.

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The theory behind Krav Maga is how to get out of the situation quickly and safely. The quickest way to learn and master it is by remembering this objective. Don’t think of it as you’re learning a dance even though, like in dance, the form and structure of the moves are important. Think about the reason behind everything you learn, and how it will affect real-life situations, with this goal (ensuring your ultimate safety) in mind.

NOTE: Please keep in mind, Krav Maga is a form of martial arts. If you decide to run an actual Krav Maga lesson, please make sure to bring in a properly trained instructor or at least someone trained in first aid, and have a discussion about safety.

About the Author

Jake Silverman
Jake Silverman is from the small town of Vienna, Virginia and took a gap year following his senior year of high school in order to strengthen his Jewish Identity. The first half of the year he taught Krav Maga in Virginia, and the second half he lived in Jerusalem as an intern at Israel Forever. Jake will be studying Psychology at the University of Longwood and plans to continue pursuing a life of proud Jewish activism.

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Tags: Antisemitism, Take Action, Resources, Education, Activities, Activism