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By Diane Weber Bederman

I am writing to all of you today to express my concern about our collective failure to change the narrative regarding Israel.

President Abbas holds Palestine's Application for UN Membership during his Statement during the 66th General Debate

There has been, for as long as I can remember, a false belief that if peace comes to "Palestine" and Israel there will be peace on earth and good will to men. I remember writing a letter along those lines to the Toronto Star about this 40 years ago.

France is now prepared to recognize Palestine. Sweden has celebrated the opening of a Palestinian embassy in their country. Europe is falling under the control of Islamic culture. And Israel will be the first major western country to be sacrificed-legally-to the new Caliphate.

And I blame all of us for the failure to promote the Levy Report. Those of us in the Diaspora and in Israel.

We cannot fight the narrative of a "two-state solution" that has been accepted by the Jew-hating world.

We have one response only. The real narrative. One state-Israel from the river to the sea based on facts-not wishes. We know that in 1948 Israel accepted the two-sate solution and Palestine did not. We have international law on our side but we choose to expend our energy fighting myths.


We cannot save Israel unless we win a one-state solution-Israel from the river to the sea. And our only hope-how ironic- is to bring the facts to the world stage. We cannot defeat the rush to divide Israel without these facts. I fear it is our last hope to save Israel because we all know that a two-state solution is a stop-gap measure until there is but one state-Palestine.

We must come together. We cannot sit back and continue to respond to world events-We must make a world event.

Then we can organize and fight for the right of the Jewish people to exist in our state-granted a smaller one than promised in the Balfour Declaration, but one that the Jewish people can defend.

We need one strong voice.

Diane Weber Bederman is the author of Back to the ethic: Reclaiming Western Values. She has degrees in science and the humanities. Her love of religion led her into a residency in Clinical Pastoral Education at Toronto Hospital. Living with mental illness prompted her to write, produce and narrate The Many Voices of Mental Illness, a six part radio series podcast on her website The Middle Ground, The Agora of the 21st Century at where she also writes about religion, ethics and politics. She is a passionate advocate for Israel. She has written for Huffington Post Canada, and now contributes to Convivium Magazine, Times of Israel and CanadaFreePress.



How are you making a difference for Jewish Unity?

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Tags: Living Israel, Arts and Culture, Advocacy, Jewish Unity, Diane Weber Bederman

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