Tzchokim: Spotlight on Israeli comedy

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By Israel Forever

We’ve shared the light of laughter from comedians all over the world, but what about Israelis????

Many Olim Israelis enjoy sharing the Israel connection through laughter, and they also love to share with Jews around the world in humorous ways. Because what Israelis have - that is so fitting with our unique culture, diversity and circumstances - is the ability to laugh at ourselves, at each other, and doing our best to lift the spirits, without being offensive. Because of course, part of being Israeli is having a tough skin and knowing we are all family.

Sometimes directed at the Aliyah experience itself. Check out this great skit about the Yemenite return home .

And see the generational differences in this new humorous plug for study in Israel

Then again, Israelis also make sure to cast the light of humor on those who come to explore the homeland on Birthright

Israeli humor pokes fun at every aspect of life, finding myriads of ways to bring on the laughs.

In a society where history and humor combine to give a chuckle

It is even interjected into many of our commercials

And of course, Israelis have a knack for making lighthearted fun of even the most heavy of topics.

Omri Marcus spearheaded the Comedy for Change conference which was a breakthrough experience for everyone involved. “Through some amazing and unprecedented things -- challenging the best viral campaigners to create videos to combat cyber bullying; pairing social organizations with ad agencies to generate hilarious campaigns for women’s rights, eliminating racism, and more; conducting social experiments to test comedy's ability to transcend the boundaries of time and place; and yes, fostering positive interactions between Israelis and Palestinians -- we proved that comedy is more than half-time relief. It has real social power.” Read more about this great initiative HERE.

The Israeli education system, for the most part, focuses on transmitting positive morals and historical accuracy. But sometimes, you just have to laugh right along with the kids at the irony of the modern day.

Sometimes it even surpasses the need for translation, because, well, every man understands this attempt to “convince” their wife:

Many Israeli standup-ists are trying their hand at English these days

And above all - where would we be without some good ole giggle. Laughter Flash Mob anyone? On the Jerusalem Light Rail, no less!



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Tags: Humor, Video, Music, Living Israel, Arts and Culture, Advocacy, Jewish Unity