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By Tricia Schwitzer

I am a Zionist. I will shout it from the rooftops and I have no time, nor patience for those who walk among us who don’t admit to their own Zionism, as if it were a bad habit to be kept under wraps. My goodness, if diversity can come out of the cupboard in all its rainbow colours, well why not Zionism with her flag of blue and white? And if our Christian friends care to stand up for Israel, then what excuse have we for keeping shtum in a world that turns the volume ever higher so our detractors can be heard loud and proud?

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We are so few and our voices are muted by a baying crowd who would have our guts for garters in schools, universities, on the streets and on social media. Now is really not the time to hide our Magen Davids. We’ve done that, been there and what good did that ever do us?

There is no justification for inaction when it comes to facing off a bully. And, again, the bullies are out in force on Europe’s streets, in British cities, with their angst turned against Israel and against you, against the Jew, against me and against the principles that we all hold dear.

“Yes, we are Jewish but we don’t want to make a fuss, don’t want to invite trouble.” I’ve heard that more than once and it does not wash with me. “I met some lovely people on holiday, but I didn’t tell them I lived in Israel.” Heard that one, too. Tut, tut.

Peeling back the benevolent shrouds under which hides the United Nations, global NGOs such as Amnesty International, War on Want, Save the Children and many others, an anti-Israel stance on every front will be revealed. The latest debacle, Obama’s submission to Iranian aspirations to become a nuclear super power, hammers home the nails in Israel’s coffin. The consequences for Israel’s security, indeed Israel’s survival are dire. The BDS movement a rapidly growing yet entirely moronic cooperative of diligent stupidity works tirelessly to compliment all the other mud-throwing opportunists who have an unfathomable distaste for that (sic) ‘shitty little country’ Israel. Throw mud at the word ‘Zionism’ and it sticks.

Israel’s reputation is besmirched by those who peddle double standards, ignorance and prejudice Oh come on, why sugar coat the pill? It is Jew-hatred. Add to this, the left-leaning Israeli academics who bleat on about human rights violations ignoring facts on the ground – that Israel is the only democracy in the region where they could possibly have such unpatriotic opinions and not be stoned, hung, drawn and quartered for outing their opinions and that Israel’s army is lauded for its code of conduct, an ethical code of humanitarianism.

As the far right and far left extremists unite ever closer to create a twisted alliance of Jew-hatred in Europe, fuelled by a convenient loathing for Israel, the word Zionism is demonized. The State of Israel suffers the slings and arrows (not to mention more damaging missiles) of the new anti-Semite who has been drip fed shocking images of babies in rags and weeping mothers, all victims of the ‘occupation of Palestine’ – which shows Israel as a mighty Goliath and the poor Palestinians as little brave David hurling rockets. Oops, sorry. I meant rocks.

And now, in the aftermath of Protective Edge and with radical Islam’s venomous tentacles whipping through Europe, a different brand of Jew-hatred is unfurled. Call it anti-Zionism and you get approval and a pat on the back for your political-correctness. Yeah right. Call it what it is and you are the bad one. You are a trouble maker.

The legitimacy of the word Zionism has suffered by its own hand of late, with far-right Israeli extremists pouring burning fat on the fire (somewhat literally with the recent arson attack that left a Palestinian baby and his father dead), but there is one fundamental distinction between the Zionists and those who run, kicking and screaming, to burn Israel’s flag and beat down its door. And that difference comes from a mindset, which is poles apart. There is more likelihood of falling into one of Hamas’s tunnels than bridging the gaping hole that divides the two ideologies – one that sanctifies life and the other? Something to do with martyrdom and the ravishing of 72 virgins in heaven (but don’t get too carried away with that thought).

While Israelis gather in their thousands in the town square in silent vigil for a dead Palestinian baby and pray for peace, for tolerance, for an end to mindless violence, the Palestinians who embrace the indoctrination of Hamas and other known terrorist organizations take to the streets, running riot, shooting rifles in the air.

They pound their chests and shriek to Allah – asking him (her?) for the power to retaliate. And when he/she answers their prayers rewarding them with the murder of an Israeli man, woman or child (the more the merrier), their children dance in the streets, receiving sweets in celebration of what is not perceived by them to be a crime but their god-given right. And as the terrorist regime Hamas calls for more attacks against settlers to avenge the death of the father of the Palestinian baby killed in the Duma attack, Israelis continue to gather in peaceful protest and point the finger, the Israeli finger, at the ‘settlers’ – their Israeli brothers and sisters.

There is something fundamentally wrong with this. Don’t they realize that the presumably Jewish perpetrator of this terrorist act will be dealt with in the harshest manner according to the law? He will have the book thrown at him and nobody will celebrate by handing out sweets to the kids. That is for sure. We, Israelis, are collectively ashamed that ‘one of us’ and that includes the settlers in my opinion, should dare to act with such a disdain for his fellow Israeli, knowing the implications. As if we needed any more reasons to be vilified.

Yet, apart from a handful of grass roots pro-Israel organizations who take to the streets in their own localities to identify with Israel and to stamp out the defamers while defending their own way of life against Islam’s more warped supporters, and a few lone voices who speak their truths against a popular army of Jew-bating, Israel hating bigots, there are many among us for whom wearing our Zionism with pride is just not an option.

“We don’t want to get involved,” they say. “We don’t want to offend anyone. We are scared.” Wrong, wrong, wrong. Lose the victim mentality. Stand your ground and stand up for Israel.. A very good friend of mine who is a staunch defender of Israel put it well, when she said, ‘Be a warrior not a worrier.’ I subscribe to that wisdom.

Get out there, armed with facts, fight lies with truth and wave your Israeli flag as if your life depended on it because, actually, it just might.

Reprinted with permission from author. Read original article HERE.

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Tricia Schwitzer
Tricia Schwitzer serves on both the World WIZO Executive and the Executive of Friends of WIZO. Prior to joining the executive, Tricia was the assistant editor of the WIZO Review. Special projects undertaken for World WIZO include Israel advocacy, social media marketing material and promotional writing. Read her blog HERE.

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Tags: Land and Nature, Terror, History, Books, Religion, Judaism, Jewish Identity, Israel Engagement, Antisemitism