The World Promotes Blood Libel - Promote the Truth

The international courts have become a battleground where the law is being misused to demonize and delegitimize the Jewish state.

The threat of arrest for Israel’s leaders, with warrants issued by the International Criminal Court against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, as well as for lone soldiers who can be arrested in their home countries, is a mockery of justice. These actions amount to nothing more than a blood libel, targeting Jews for defending themselves.

Like the young Jewish man on trial in Iran and sentenced to death, like Daniel Pearl at the hands of ISIS, Dreyfus in the hands of the French court, and others targeted by blood libels in each generation, the lies are sufficient to sway academic, legal and public opinion without any shred of evidence.

The concern for the citizens of Gaza is the false premise for the accusations of war crimes. Starvation of civilians, murder, extermination, and intentional attacks creating a genocide bear no resemblance to the reality on the ground where Hamas is using children, women and innocents as human shields. And the moral equivalency created by the ICC lawsuit is an outright denial of truth.

But only some feel confident to speak out this truth. Whether you are listening to Bill Maher, Dr. Phil, Douglass Murray or following the many activists who are using their voice to counter the lies, there are ways we can all do more, feel more secure and engage with one another to join the movement for Jewish justice.





This resource is a powerful collection of myths and facts, reflection and discussion questions, and tools for engagement and personal activism. Help us distribute this essential material in your community or school.

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The situation in Israel remains extremely volatile and uncertain. Israel continues to be attacked with rockets every day, and our people are at constant risk.

Let us continue to demand of the world that our 133 hostages remaining in captivity must be freed. Let us use our voice and our passion to make sure others feel welcome to engage and become active in the fight for Jewish rights.

  • Write letters to public officials, educational institutions, ask them to make a public statement on behalf of the hostages
  • Make a reel, share reels, collaborate with others to reach more people
  • Publish a post, an article link, and share in groups every day
  • Submit an article to a local paper, magazines - help truth reach the masses
  • Contact local officials, demand accountability
  • Find Jewish employees of businesses and organizations and find ways to work together
  • Approach educational institutions with accurate materials
  • Get on the streets
  • Get on the news, the radio, the podcasts, the local stations

But - what will you say? What to write? How will you feel confident?

The haters have their scripts, filled with lies.

We have truth. This is a cause every human heart should be able to express to another with confidence in Israel's defensive war of justice and freedom!!!!

Israel Forever remains steadfast in its mission, providing essential support for our global community during these challenging times. Some have reached out for private consultation on programming, others for personal guidance from our expert Dr. Heideman, whose voice is becoming more and more recognized as a source of inspiration on how we can contend with the realities we are facing as Jews and friends of Israel today.



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