Yerushalayim - The Divine Presence

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By Aura Wolfe

Her fire burns deep within my soul, like two lovers intertwined as they become one.
Jerusalem, her energy pours forth penetrating every cell of my body…every ounce of flesh filled with desire.

All my life I have searched for you, dreaming of the time when we would meet, longing to be cradled in your arms.

The first time I saw you I wept. I fell to my knees as my lips gently touched your earth.
I remember seeing your sky, your stars, everything radiating with your heavenly light.

Jerusalem, you have called out to me before I ever understood what you were saying.
You beckoned me to leave my country, my family, and all that I knew.
You swept me up from my little world, bringing me to the knowingness of what is truly Home.

There is no love that compares to you.

My breath is filled with your soul.
My eyes see your majestic beauty.
My feet carry me to your holiness.

My love is for you Jerusalem, for you have given me life.

About the Author

Aura Wolfe
Born and raised in the New York area, Aura graduated the University of Hartford, cum laude. Returning to NYC, Aura had a highly successful career in the world of magazine publishing Aura grew up in a very American- Jewish family with no connection to Judaism or Israel. Yet, since a child, she yearned for Israel. Her first trip was after her college graduation. It’s been more than two decades since Aura made her dream come true and moved to Jerusalem. Currently, Aura creates and organizes events both personal and business; working with government officials, military leaders, journalists and academics. She recently moved to Rosh Pina, where she will be opening a very special bed and breakfast.

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Tags: Jerusalem