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Strong Black Coffee - I Know Everything Will Be Okay

Cafe Shahor Hazak (“Strong Black Coffee”) is an Israeli hip-hop duo. Born in Ethiopia, these two cousins grew up in Israel, and both served in the IDF before their music career kicked off. Though they grew up in a difficult neighborhood, they chose to combat stereotypes by focusing on positive messaging, rather than their harsh upbringing, racism, or other complaints.

“Yihiyeh B’Seder” (“Everything Will Be Okay”) is one of their biggest hits, an example of their upbeat, inspiring lyrics.



  • לא נוותר - lo nivater - we won’t give up
  • חושב מחוץ אל הקופסא - choshev m’chutz el hakufsa - think outside the box
  • קפה שחור חזק - cafe shachor chazak - strong black coffee
  • אהבת חינם - ahavat chinam - unconditional love (lit. “free love”)
  • לא מעניין אותי - lo me’anyen oti - it doesn’t interest me/I’m not interested

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