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Forever Follow the Sun - L'Olam B'ikvot HaShemesh - לעולם בעקבות השמש

Tags: Music, Jerusalem, Solidarity

Yom chamim - A warm day
yom k'samim - a magical day
yom tamim- a pure day

halachnu im hashemesh - we walked with the sun
ba'arov, yom zahov - as a mix, a golden day,
lailah tov hayah lanu leil emesh - we had a good night before yesterday.

Boker kar - A cold morning
mul hayam - against the sea
ei misham - from somewhere
nichnas hayom basha'ar - the day comes in through the gate
b'chalon etz alon - at the window an oak tree
uvilon nitz'tu - and a curtain were lit
be'or hashachar. - with the light of the sunrise.

Ken, ken, ken, ken... - Yes, yes, yes, yes...
Le'olam be'ikvot hashemesh - forever following the sun
le'olam be'ikvot ha'or - forever following the light
hashemesh et yomi roshemet - the sun sketches my day
velibi tzipor. - and my heart's a bird. (x2)

Ben adam - A human
kum nirdam - get up, falls asleep,
lo nadam - does not go silent
haru'ach shebat'chelet - the wind in the blue azure
rosh harem or karev - head up high, light approaches
or zorem yashar el saf hadelet. - light flows straight to the door's edge.

Ken, ken... - Yes, yes, yes, yes...

Lyrics: Ehud Manor
Music: Roni Weiss
Singer: Sari
Translation courtesy of

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Tags: Music, Jerusalem, Solidarity

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