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Sam Glaser's Acapella of Yisrael Shelanu

Enjoy Sam Glaser's Acapella rendition of 'Yisrael Shelanu' during his interview with The Israel Forever Foundation's North American Director, Heidi Krizer Daroff.


And when we pray We set our sights to face her walls of golden stone The words we say Reflect a love that grows each time We're whispering her ancient name

Yisrael shelanu l'olam L'olam nafsheynu b'tocha Yisrael, tikvat libenu hi itah

Two thousand years Without a piece of land that we could call our own We never feared Secure within the promise of a distant day that we'd come home

Sing with the children In the streets of Jerusalem Dance in the gardens Of the hills of Galilee Like the mighty river Jordan Her waters fill each crevice of my heart

Israel, ours forever, forever in our souls, Israel, the hope of our hearts dwells within her

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