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Shlomit Builds A Sukkah

Here is the song as performed at the time by Hanan Goldblatt, Aliza Rosen and Gabi Eldor.

One year after The Yom Kippur War, renown composer Naomi Shemer wrote this Sukkot ballad and it is the most beloved and most recognized songs of the Sukkot celebrations.

The song speaks of the hope for a war-weary nation and is one of the most popular tunes known by children and adults alike. With her words and soft melody, Shemer once again succeeds in transforming the feelings of Israelis, our love for Israel and our dream of peace.

Shlomit is building a sukkah
Full of light and greenery
That's why today she's so busy.
But it's not simply a sukkah
Full of light and greenery -
Shlomit is building a sukkah of peace ("sukkat shalom").

She will not forget to lay out
The lulav and the myrtle leaves (hadasim),
A branch of green willow,
a pomegranate within its leaves,
and all the fruits of autumn,
with its fragrance of orange groves.

And when Shlomit says
Look! It's already finished!
Suddenly something wondrous will happen:
all the neighbors will come,
it will be a swarm -
and there will be room for everyone!

Then, through the roof of branches,
With a bright glow as though it were a diamond
She will spot a star, saying:
-Shalom, wondrous sukkah,
how fine and how pleasing it is -
that Shlomit build a sukkah of peace.

שלומית בונה סוכה מוארת וירוקה
על כן היא עסוקה היום
ואין זו סתם סוכה
מוארת וירוקה
שלומית בונה סוכת שלום

היא לא תשכח לשים
לולב והדסים
ענף של ערבה ירוק
רימון בתוך עליו
וכל פירות הסתיו
עם ריח בוסתנים רחוק

וכששלומית תאמר
הביטו, זה נגמר
יקרה דבר נפלא פתאום
יבואו השכנים
כולם בהמונים
ולכולם יהיה מקום

ואז מתוך הסכך
יציץ לו ויזרח
כוכב בהיר כיהלום
שלום סוכת פלאים
מה טוב ומה נעים
שלומית בנתה סוכת שלום

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