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A Song for Jerusalem: Your Flag Waves

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How everyone is fighting over her, Passion and Fire
But only I know what true love is.
Everyone makes eyes (flirts), and sends the hand to touch her.
How long will it take them to learn that you are
My City! Wave your flag!
In my heart you burn, I have none other.
My city, my city, my city.

Everyone wants to tear you apart, to divide and cut you in half.
I will never let them hurt you, Over you I will always watch!

This is a tough neighborhood, I knew it. So very scary...
Don't worry, I am here at home, will NEVER leave you!

My city, your flag waves. 
In my heart it burns, there is no other. 
My city, my city, my city!

Even when I was distant I was confused and in despair.
When they took you away from me, you were the apple of my eye.
Even then we didn't forget you, that our hearts are one.
Forever, I swear you will never be alone!

My city, your flag waves
My heart burns and I have no other.
My city, my city...


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Tags: Music, Jerusalem, Solidarity, Home Featured Articles