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Israel - Child of Hope and Home of the Brave

Paula Wertheim

An aquaintance from Sri Lanka once asked me why most Jews (and Israelis) are so smart. Rather than launching into a long-winded explanation about the connection between spiritual prowess,Torah study and performance of the 613 commandments which God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai, etc., etc.. I answered,

"Like we got a choice? Try telling a Jewish mother that little Marvin or Miriam is thinking of dropping out of school to "get their acts together" - and see her reaction."

'Nuff said! lol

Originally from Nanuet, "Noo Yawk". In the fall of 1974, Paula Wertheim, was starting her second year at Hofstra University on Long Island when a guy with a black kippah named Tuvia invited her to the Hillel Succah that he organized for all the Jewish students during Succot. A year later we were married and on a plane to the Holy Land with a one-way ticket.

We lived on kibbutz for 5 years and then 16 years in Gush Etzion, where we raised 9 children. Today we live in Beit Shemesh.

About four years ago she began producing music video slideshows to showcase Tuvia's "HiDef Analog" audio post process.

"Israel-Child of Hope, Home of the Brave" was our entry in the Israel Video Network's "Inspired By Israel" contest last March.

How are You Celebrating Israel?

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