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Promised Land: Israel through the Eyes of Surfers

Excerpt from a note by Todd Morehead (Director/Co Producer) on Promised Land:

Even after all the years I've spent traveling to Israel and waiting for those waves, I still can't get over the fact that I'm actually surfing in the Promised Land. There's nothing quite like paddling out at Jaffa, with a backdrop of the most ancient port city in the world. And knowing that the Hebrew prophet Jonah set sail from this same place nearly 3,000 years ago is hard to comprehend. How is it that such an ancient place is still around? And how is it that I'm surfing in Israel!?

This movie not only shows the beauty of the Israeli waves, her people, and the tension that exists between beliefs, it elevates the human spirit. Featuring surf champions Maya Dauber, Oran Weiss and Tom Curren, the viewer is drawn over country and religious lines into a love for one of the most powerful forces on earth-water, which yields the beautiful and healing sport of surf.

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