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Shir la Giborim / A Song for Our Heroes

A tribute Music Video for our soldiers קליפ מוזיקה מוקדש לחיילי צה"ל

I am an olah ( 1996 - somewhat vatikah?) from Canada, living in Beit Shemesh with my family - kids having been privileged to grow up here in Israel.

I am a Child of Holocaust Survivors who has the zechut of a child serving in Tzahal.

I wrote this song when I lived in Canada, feeling so tied to our precious soldiers. After the Tzuk Eitan war, I felt compelled to "do something" to show my gratitude and feelings for those who help us live here each and every day, and so, this video came about.

I filmed with my family, including pictures film and the story of both of our family from the Shoah to Living Freely in Israel today and to honor our Brave IDF soldiers and our legacy.

SUNG / PERFORMED BY Barbara, Sarit and Eliana (Lorne) Brown
PRODUCED BY Barbara Solomon Brown
MUSICAL ARRANGEMENT BY Bob Kenner music production / recording
FILMED BY Danel Wetzler - Video Eden
EDITED BY Malky Schwartz - Filmmaker
PHOTO CREDIT • • • • • • •

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