Faces of Humanity: Open Your Heart

Tags: Holocaust, Jewish Identity

"You see these pictures. Not all died during the Holocaust. I think these pictures cover 3 or 4 generations of Jews. For those who did perish, they are still alive. So you go here from picture to picture, from face to face, and you have the feeling that they want to speak to you. When they do, open your hearts.

I hear these voices of silence. This, you should hear too. Look at these faces. Look into their eyes. And then, don't speak. Just look.... I am convinced that these faces will remain with you as they remain with me."

Elie Wiesel

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We remember the 6 million Jews who lost their lives simply for being Jews.

But the memory of those we have lost is never far from our minds and hearts.

Witness photographs of brave men and women who were lost to us during the Holocaust.

We will never forget.

Tags: Holocaust, Jewish Identity