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Write an inspiring message for Israelis during this difficult time. Send letters for victims of terror, traumatized families, and for those on the front lines everyday: the soldiers, police force, border police, bus drivers, doctors and medical teams.

Ricky 'Piyush' Pandey I’m against terrorism and I support Israel.

Tilly Breed I stand with Israel and pray for the people of Israel. God bless them!


Sandra Pryor I pray for Israel and her brave people every day. I love Israel.

Susan Fine Israel is a miracle every day ! Shalom.

Susan Juanillo We love Israel from Phillippines. God bless you

Joan Russ I will always support Israel.

Sofia Pretty Shalom from the Philippines! May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob keep Israel and her borders and people safe. God bless Israel! We stand with you heart emoticon

Maricel Epres Carpio
Israel we're with you in prayer. We support you through the end.

Kymberly Carter Been in Israel for 2 weeks now and fallen in with Israel and the people! Praying for Israel to feel the peace of God in the midst of this storm. God bless Israel!

Shirley Johnston I've been to Israel. I stand with Israel in their fight against terrorism.

Hendrik Nemmers Israel will never walk alone....

Alexander Mendelevich Proud providing practical as well as moral support for Israel – Am Israel Hai vekayam forever

Gladys Velephi Mdletshe Tshabalala You are not alone. Shalom.

Shiba Limbu We will always stand by your side !! We love Israel !!

Richard Urbanowski I stand with the people of Israel. God Bless Them.

Roy Couch You are not standing alone Israel. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God bless.

Lucy Riggs You are not alone, we stand with Israel.

Savta Kohen Please believe that you are not alone. We pray for you, we champion your plight daily by getting the truth to as many as we can, we think of you all the time, we cry when you are harmed and we rejoice when you are protected and spared. You are important to us. You are in our hearts. May the day come quickly when peace reigns and HaShem has safely gathered all Israel home.

Fritz Jost Israel and its people, are a bright light of love and hope amidst darkness and evil.

Sandy Resnick May Hashem bless you and keep you safe.

Eva Hunley I stand with you! You are in my prayers day and night!

Silvi Hess I can assure you that we will win because God is with us.

Carey Tabulao I stand for you.

Rahul Mahajan We are with you forever....You are not at all alone

Michael Berk As a dual citizen and having lived there, my heart cries out for my people. Hatikva our hope . May MoShiach come soon

Pauline Holland I support and pray for Israel and her people. Love you Israel

Gleene Luis Siason We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and God bless Israel. Amen Maria Teresa Polo I Stand with Israel.

Trisha Traje I stand with Israel

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Tags: Inspiration and Hope, Terror, Zionism, Hasbara, Aliyah, Jerusalem, Religion, Land and Nature