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Partnerships within the Jewish world are crucial to our future. To truly increase the impact of our individual efforts, organizations and communities must come together to reach the wide spectrum of Jewish life in the world. The potential for network-building and sharing of ideas increases our impact and ensures that we are truly making a difference for the next generation of Jews in the world.

Since our inception, Israel Forever has focused on collaborative endeavors to cultivate and advance a feeling of belonging and commitment to our collective destiny as the Jewish nation. There are many ways we can work together as partners. From content and link sharing, resource collaboration and distribution, together we can provide for our various audiences and members a way to feel continuously connected, engaged, and inspired.

We are proud to have developed mutually beneficial relationships with a wide range of organizations, communities, and grassroots initiatives that share in our mission of fostering unity and providing Israel engagement programming and inspiration for the whole of the Jewish world. The many collaborations and partnerships we have fostered over the years demonstrate our communal belonging and expand the effectiveness, outreach, and success of our every endeavor.

  • Enjoy original content and resources available to your community members
  • Recognize your community as members of the global community of Israel as Virtual Citizens of Israel
  • Share your content and engagement with pride through our various virtual platforms for networking
  • As a business, gain exposure for your brand, your voice, while reaching prospective clients from around the world

Becoming a partner with Israel Forever means contributing to ensure the continued relationship with the very land from which we became a people, to which we have prayed and dreamt of a return generation after generation, and which sustains a part of our very essence as Jews. Let us, together, continuously assert the legitimacy of our nation, or our state and our collective identity as Am Yisrael.