Get Involved


Since our inception, we have sought meaningful collaborations and partnerships that expand the effectiveness, outreach and success of our united efforts to make Israel personal. We are proud to have developed mutually beneficial relationships with a wide range of organizations, communities and grassroots initiatives that share in our mission of fostering unity and providing Israel engagement programming and inspiration for the whole of the Jewish world.

Becoming a partner with Israel Forever means contributing to ensure the continued relationship with the very land from which we became a people, to which we have prayed and dreamt of a return generation after generation, and which sustains a part of our very essence as Jews. Let us, together, continuously assert the legitimacy of our nation, or our state and our collective identity as Am Yisrael.

We love introducing our members to great ways they can celebrate their connection to Israel! Now you can gain exposure for your brand while reaching prospective clientele of people around the world.


  • Content Partnership 

    Free content exchange between both partners to their respective members as a demonstration of the shared mission. This can include targeted promotion of relevant content/programs relevant on site and in communications mailings, cross-posting permissions granted on all content, and mutual social media sharing and promotions.
  • Strategic Partnership

    In addition to mutual promotion of content/programs to organizational members of both partners, strategic partners take part in the development and implementation of a collaborative program or campaign. The outreach and promotion strategy will involve both parties in a joint effort to inspire engagement of community members, program alumni and potential new audiences.
  • Community Partnerships

    Community partners have access to Israel Forever programs for implementation in community calendar with personalized shaping of content/programs to meet your specific organizational/communal goals.

    Each organization will be allotted 400w x 600h space for presentation of an ad that will serve as a “partner channel” on a dedicated page for targeted interaction, ie Media, Advocacy, Educational Resources, etc.