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Tags: Am Yisrael, People and Society, Advocacy, Aliyah, Diaspora

There is an air of rebuilding, renewal, growth and energy throughout the entire country as we are constantly progressing and expanding. What’s more is the relationship between the people living in Israel—here there is a special bond typically unseen in common societies.

Emerging from the shared commitment to building a life in the Jewish State, it is translated into women giving parenting advice to random strangers in the park, a young soldier carrying home an elderly woman’s groceries, and bus riders pitching in on a ticket for someone running short on change.

While Israel endures social dilemmas like any other country—racism, integration of immigrants, unemployment, high cost of living—the basis for comparison with other societies must ultimately consider the uniqueness of what it means to live in a Jewish State that creates an atmosphere completely unknown.

To best understand the Living Israel, one must grasp the "rollercoaster dynamic" of Israeli reality:

  • Living the Zionist dream
  • A new home in a new land: Finding the balance between old and new identities
  • The Israeli Lifecycle: gan(kindergarten), army, chuppah, mishpacha, and burial

Interested in living in The Jewish State?

Special Needs Workers Open E-Waste Recycling Spot

Special Needs Workers Open E-Waste Recycling Spot

The Jerusalem Post

The e-waste recycling factory embodies inseparable elements of environmental and social justice; Jews and Arabs work side-by-side, disassembling spare parts for reuse.
Living Jerusalem: Yerushalayim Shel Zahav of the Streets

Living Jerusalem

"Jerusalem of Gold" (Hebrew: ירושלים של זהב‎, Yerushalayim Shel Zahav) Recorded live on the streets of Jerusalem, Erev Yom Yerushalayim, by Virtual Citizen of Israel Michael Ganoe, MERCL"
Tel Aviv Urban Symphony

Tel Aviv Urban Symphony

See Tel Aviv from every angle! This truly is the city that never sleeps! Creative talents, beautiful sea side, historic Bauhaus architecture...UNESCO proclaimed Tel Aviv's White City a World Cultural Heritage site - what more can one want!
Street Food In Israel

Street Food In Israel

Watch, enjoy, remember and look forward to a Taste of Israel on the Streets of Israel!

Tags: Am Yisrael, People and Society, Advocacy, Aliyah, Diaspora

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