Israel After the Fire

Life After the Sirens

Missiles no longer fall on the innocent civilians of Israel.But the trauma continues to impact young and old alike.

Children have returned to school, but find it difficult to focus. Stores have been forced to close and entire families have been living in bomb shelters. The citizens of Israel have been living in constant fear, not knowing when another siren will ring or when another explosion will bring destruction.

After days of living in shelters, with sirens blaring every 5-20 minutes announcing the pending fall of a missile, returning to a "normal" life isn't so easy.

How can we help to provide a sense of normalcy for our fellow Jewish people who have struggled to stay strong in the face of danger?

How can we help these families recover from these traumatic experience?

We can GIVE of our hearts and show Israel and Israelis that they are still in our thoughts as they cope with the effects of life after the fire.

With your help, we can make a difference in their lives. Your donations can help to ease the anxieties and fears they have been living with day to day. 
We work with local organizations to provide the basic necessities and provisions for helping parents, children, elderly, and students alike a chance to feel moments of joy, calm and peace in their hearts.

Let us together demonstrate our commitment to Israel through our commitment to the Israeli citizens who live in our one and only Jewish state.

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