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Hearing Elie's Echo: Resource

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These slides include quotes from friends and colleagues of Wiesel, admirers of different backgrounds, faiths and ethnic origins. They, as witnesses to his quiet power and the integrity of his purpose and drive, lend insight into the nature of their leader, teacher, friend and visionary. 

As you read their words, interspersed with the messages of Elie Wiesel himself, we ask that you reflect on the impact he had on these individuals and the world, and how he was able to transmit his message.

Our Healing Elie's Echo resource was created to generate an informal discussion based on quotes, questions and inquiry into the meaning of the words of Elie Wiesel and how they can impact Jewish identity and humanity today. This unique program is designed to work with any audience of any age in any setting.

Two sets of questions have been offered for use by younger or older groups as is fitting, based on their existing knowledge of Wiesel and his influence on the world and their level of engagement potential. 


All slides in print-friendly black-and-white


All quotes, text-only, in a print-friendly PDF


Let his words, life, and legacy continue to touch and inspire the hearts of others for years to come.

Tags: Resources, Education, Leadership, Memory, Elie Wiesel, Activities