International Students to Convene in Jerusalem to Explore Legal Aspects of Human Rights and International Law

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Twenty six law students from 6 countries will be welcomed at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem to take part in the second annual Institute for Law and Policy, an engaging summer program for international lawyers and law students at the The Faculty of Law co-sponsored by The Israel Forever Foundation, Heideman, Nudelman and Kalik PC, the Louis D. Brandeis Law Center, StandWithUs and the Jewish Federation of North America.

Opening on June 29, the 3-week institute will provide in-depth analysis of Israel's most important and exciting law and policy challenges, in fields such as the Middle East conflict, human rights, economic globalization, and law and technology. Participating students are from Armenia, United States, Norway, Uganda, Singapore and Israel.

At a time when Israel plays center-stage in discussions related to these issues, participants will not only engage in important analysis and debate, but will also experience the multicultural and multi-dimensional reality of the Jewish State.

Professor Yuval Shany, Dean of the Faculty of Law at Hebrew University, emphasizes the value of the learning environment: "Jerusalem, with its rich history, religious diversity and political centrality, is one of the most exciting places in the world to study international law, conflict resolution and human rights. Our Summer Institute offers oversea participants a rich introduction to the issues confronting us here in Israel in the top-notch and pluralistic academic environment of Hebrew University." Professor Robbie Sabel adds, "I think a unique advantage of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem has is that we have students and faculty from all over the world, Jews and Arabs, who have real hands-on experience in the Middle East conflict and in some cases an intent to try to solve the conflict."

Mr. Richard D. Heideman, Co-Founder and Chairman of The Israel Forever Foundation, was the impetus behind the creation of the Institute drawn from his experience in the summer law program at Hebrew University in the summer of 1971: "We hope the Institute for Law and Policy will have a lasting impact on influential legal minds of the future. Not only will participants undergo a unique study program in a prominent academic setting, they will also return to their home countries with a greater understanding of Israeli society and the many issues and challenges facing the State of Israel."

In an effort to deepen their understanding of Israel, participants will enjoy a variety of extracurricular programs including trips around the country, an exclusive panel discussion with members of the Israeli parliament and a special event focusing on media representations and distortions of Israel and complementary content to the academic program that will enable the participants to explore their personal connection to Israel.

For more information about the program, please contact Dr. Elana Heideman

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Tags: Law, Education, Diaspora, Terror