Naftali Bennett Speaks the Truth to Sky News

Tags: Soldiers and Defense, Living Israel, Terror

What would you do? Say you're walking down the street and someone is shooting at you and your family? Would you just lie back and wait to die?

We want to live here. And we call on Hamas and the international community to stop this right now. They are using their own people in such a cynical and cowardly fashion. WE are defending ourselves. And we're not going to apologize for defending ourselves. 

This is a huge tragedy that Hamas is inflicting on its own people. Effectively it is murdering its own women and children. 

Seventy Israelis were killed over the past few weeks. Perhaps the international community is thinking that if, maybe 700 or 7000 Israelis were killed, then [our defensive actions] would be okay. Well, I would rather give up the sympathy and have my own family live. 

There have been 3000 missiles fired at my hometown, and I find it unacceptable that we are being condemned and not the folks who are shooting at us. 

We are at the forefront of terror, and I expect the world to support us. And if it doesn't, this terror is going to hit London, Paris, Madrid. 9 years ago in London there were attacks - where was the only place in the world where they celebrated this rather than condemn? In Gaza.  Where they handed out candies to celebrate the deaths of Britains.

We want ZERO deaths. This can all go away in one moment if Hamas decides to stop shooting, disarm itself, this whole thing goes away. I expect the world to apply the pressure on the AGRESSOR - the folks who started and who refuse to stop it.

Peace and Quiet. I hope that after this ends - and we hope it ends NOW - that the Gaza and the Palestinians decide to use the dollars that come in to build a flourishing economy instead of a fortress of terror. Schools instead of tunnels, kindergartens instean of missile launchers. It's their choice.

We pulled out of Gaza 9 years ago back to the '67 borders. They have all the opportunity.

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Tags: Soldiers and Defense, Living Israel, Terror

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