New Pre-Purim Clip Celebrates Miracles

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Yoni Kempinski & Ari Yashar
Israel National News
February 25, 2014

In time for the Jewish holiday of Purim, which will be celebrated in mid-March, a new musical collaboration has produced a moving reggae-driven song praising G-d's miracles.

Popular Israeli hareidi singer Gad Elbaz, Jewish rapper Ari Lesser, and singer Naftali Kalfa combined their talents in the moving song that mixes Hebrew and English in recounting the miracles throughout Jewish history and in daily life.

Elbaz spoke about the song, noting that the collaboration began when Kalfa sent him the musical track he had produced. "He played the song and I really liked it, but I wanted to compose other sections to it," remarked Elbaz. "I just went into the studio and started putting the text together."

"I saw we were missing something with a groove to connect it with modern life, to the miracles that happen to us as well, and that's where Ari Lesser came in," said Elbaz, referring to the Jewish rapper from Cleveland.

Lesser performed in the singing competition "A Jewish Star," which Elbaz took part in judging. That initial connection eventually lead to this joint musical effort.

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Tags: Purim, Holidays, Music