10 Gorgeous Reasons to Visit Israel in 2015

Tags: Israel Engagement, Land and Nature, Yom Haatzmaut, Jerusalem

By Noam Chen
Times of Israel
Dec 31, 2014

Israel is arguably one of the world’s smallest countries. Yet small as it may be, it has to be one of the most exciting places on earth.

It’s a country that can be an inspiration to all – the only place in the region where all religions live side by side under a solid democracy. It has become an international center for innovation and development, despite all geographical and political struggles. Even the desert flourishes in Israel.

A visit to the Holy Land may prove to be a spiritual experience even for those of who are not religious, considering how rich in history the land is. There is so much to be in awe for.

As 2014 comes to an end, it’s time to list my top 10 reasons for why you should start planning your visit here in 2015, in case you haven’t done so yet.

1. See the desert bloom (Spring)

The Negev desert is famous for its beautiful and arid landscape. There is a time in the year when, for a mere couple of months, the desert transforms and become dotted with lush and colorful fields. Spring comes early in Israel, and February is the peak season to see the forests of the northern Negev filled with flowers and visitors alike. The “Red South” festival is celebrated during this month, offering plenty of activities revolving the blooming scenery.

2. Join Israel’s Independence Day festivity (Spring)

Every year around April-May (set according to the Hebrew calendar), Israel is celebrating one of its most beloved national holidays – the Independence Day. It follows the national Day of Remembrance for fallen soldiers, and the proximity is an experience for itself. During the Day of Remembrance, a heavy atmosphere looms in the air, especially when the entire country stands in silence as one, to the sound of the siren.

As night falls, 8pm on the clock, the atmosphere changes as the country moves from remembering the fallen to celebrating its own rise. It starts with the traditional Independence Day ceremony in Jerusalem, broadcasted live on national TV, followed by firework spectacles in almost every city. The next day is packed with events, the most exciting of which is the aerial demonstration by the IDF flying different types of aircraft over the country. Being here during these two national days is an ultimate Israeli experience.

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Tags: Israel Engagement, Land and Nature, Yom Haatzmaut, Jerusalem

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