Ten Questions & Answers About the Current War in Israel

Shoshana Jaskoll

Times of Israel

Jul 10, 2014

There seems to be a lot of people unaware of the background and facts and what this is all about.

So to make things clear, Here are ten questions and answers about the current situation.

Be aware. Be educated. Tell others. Every casualty- Israeli AND Gazan is on the hands of Hamas.

They refuse to stop the rocket fire and they are deliberately trying to provoke Israel into a ground war.

Understand that without Hamas renouncing violence, acknowledging Israel’s right to exist and the Palestinian people’s right to have not only a future but also a present, this ongoing conflict will not end.

Life with Rockets #IsraelUnderFire

Life with Rockets #IsraelUnderFire

Reality Check. Sitting on pins and needles. Feeling helpless. Sounds of a Siren. This is real, people. An asymmetrical conflict. Now is the time for strength and unity. The State of Israel won't rely on luck. We will not consent to being victims. #IsraelUnderFire
Shabbat Under Fire

Shabbat Under Fire

Give the gift of a Shabbat Meal to our friends and family in Israel living under attack. Bring peace to their home and warmth to their hearts - let them know that around the world, there are people who care.

Israel Under Fire: Ima Shel Shabbat

Israel Under Fire: Ima Shel Shabbat

As we were sitting around our Shabbat table and hearing the siren it sadly united us with Jews of every other generation - from those who were petrified that the pogrom was about attack them to those who lived in fear for hearing a knock on the door from the Gestapo. The difference this time was that we could fight back.