Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Israel

Fast Company Staff

Jun 6, 2014


For making apps smarter and more sympathetic. Inside an app, nobody can hear you scream--except the Israeli firm Nice Systems, whose customer-service solutions are used by 25,000 companies. Last year, it rolled out Mobile Reach, software that works in the background of banking, retail, and other apps, and jumps in to help a user the minute she's frustrated. "Enterprises no longer simply pay lip service to customer service," says Nice's director of solutions marketing, Tamar Sharir. Its research finds that smartphone users fail to complete about 60% of transactions, and only 64% of them then call the company for help. Read more >>


For creating water where soldiers need it most. Troops can't always transport water, but now they can transport a water maker. The Tel Aviv, Israel–based company Water-Gen has developed three machines: one that turns air moisture into drinking water, one that purifies the dribbles of air-conditioning units, and one that purifies any water source (such as a small stream), even if it's been poisoned by an enemy. Last year, it made sales to seven countries' militaries, including Israel, the United States, and an unnamed Arab state. The company's revenue grew 50% last year, and it expects 300% growth in 2014. Read more >>


For helping consumers fight fraud in an increasingly hack-prone financial system. BillGuard estimates that U.S. credit card users are billed $14.3 billion annually in "gray" (unapproved) charges. Its free app alerts consumers to those hidden amounts--think "free" magazine orders rolling over to paid subscriptions. With a simple tap, users can notify the financial institution to remove the unwanted charge. BillGuard is clearly doing something right: Over the past two years, the app has helped consumers identify $60 million in gray charges.