Israel Memory Project

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Share your favorite Israel memory!

  • Do you remember the day that Israel was declared a state?
  • Do you remember your first Kotel (The Western Wall) experience?
  • Was there a place you learned about Israel for the first time that you will never forget?
  • Did you visit Israel in the 50s? In the 70s?
  • What is a most meaningful memory from Birthright or your teen tour?
  • Maybe you haven't had a chance to visit the homeland, but are there Israel connections that have affected your life?

Whether through pictures, stories, letters, videos, or even recipes, everyone holds their memories of Israel
dear to their heart.

This incredible collection of personal experiences will forever serve as an outlet for other people around the world to see Israel through your eyes for just one brief moment in time.

Our mission is to provide Jews around the world of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our connections with Israel.

We do this to remind one another of our shared connection with Israel and with one another. Together, we can teach the value of our individual experiences, woven into the fabric of our collective Jewish culture with an understand of how Israel matters.

Together, we will create an invaluable archive of voices and wisdom for future generations.

Be a part of this one of a kind global history project!

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