Jerusalem Forever

Inspired by Jerusalem Forever

Tags: Jerusalem, Resources, Inspiration and Hope

This gallery of quotes and images emphasize the centrality of Jerusalem to Jewish identity, history, and destiny. Use this resource to feel inspired by how individuals throughout history have expressed this connection through their words, photos, and art.


  • What image of Jerusalem do you most connect with? 
  • What about Jerusalem's history do you feel more people should know about? 
  • Why do many Jews not understand the centrality of Jerusalem in Jewish identity and history? 
  • What do people mean when they say "Next Year in Jerusalem?"
  • How can assimilated or unreligious Jews find a way to connect to Jerusalem? 
  • How can you inspire a connection in others to the Jewish history of Jerusalem?

Looking for a fun activity for your group? 
Or a background video for your event? 

Use this wonderful playlist with songs of Jerusalem while showing these inspirational images to create a wonderful atmosphere for any type of gathering. 
Download our lyrics booklet and print them for distribution to your audience. 

Tags: Jerusalem, Resources, Inspiration and Hope